Transfering VHS to DVD via a DVD writer drive on PC

I know this question has already been asked but that hasnt solved my question:
I would wish to know what equipment I would need to simply and cheaply transfer VHS (Video) tapes onto DVD that can be played on a DVD player via a DVD writer on my PC.
I am alright on the DVD writer bit but I dont know what cables/hardware I need.
Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
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alexsim2004Author Commented:
Just a note: I didnt want to have to put video on the pc hard drive first  I just wanted the video to be recorded directly via the DVD writer drive to the DVD
That all depends on how much you are willing to spend. You did mention cheaply, so you might want to look into any of the following:

Pinnacle Studio MovieBox DV
(they make several different kinds, again depending on what you can spend)

ADS Instant DVD 2.0 Video Capture Device

Canopus ADVC300

In my experience, my opinion has always been "you get what you pay for" So cheaper is not always better in this case.
There are many capture devices on the market and there is no way to list them all. If you have the money I would recommend the Canopus ADVC300 as it is far superior to the others. Bottom line is that you can spend anywhere from 50 bucks to thousands for hardware like this. The ADVC300 runs about 400-500 dollars. My advice is to research the products heavily before you decide to buy, look up reviews and user opinions on each product that you look at.  I have personally tried the pinnacle studio movie box and was not overly impressed with video quality. I finally ended up with the Canopus box and love it.

Just saw your new note above. It is not possible to go from VHS directly to the DVD burner as the hardware you use to capture the video must transfer the video to your pc first to make it compatible for DVD playback. You are taking an analog source and transferring it to digital. There is a conversion process involved.
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Dazzle Fusion box. About $60. Connects VCR so you can copy to DVD, also reads many types of memory cards. I have one myself, works great!
alexsim2004Author Commented:
I know that it is nessicery for the video to go through the card I just meant that I didnt want to save any files on my PC as it would take up too much space.
Also do you think 'Avermedia EzMaker-PC PCI' be good?
Thankyou for your help
I am afraid that in order to move VHS to DVD without using your computer to store video, you need a device specifically designed to do such a thing, or something like a stand-alone dvd recorded, and plug in your video out from the VCR to it.
Otherwise, are you sure you do not have the harddrive space to save just one movie at a time?  It isn't truly that huge.  Just get a video capture PCI card, play the tape into it, save mabye 1 to 2 gigabytes for VHS quaity video.  Then use a software to burn the video to a DVD.  You can probably use the software that came bundled with your drive...
The cards can range from $40-50 and up and that  is the only new piece of hardware you need to buy.
Sonic MyDVD Studio has a burn directly to disc feature:
I wanted to do the same thing..........and finally gave up on a DVD burner for my pc..........too many other things were needed to be bought. I got a good Cyberhome DVD recorder at my grocery store for $99. You can get the same one on Ebay for even less. It records the VHS straight to a blank DVD. The model I have is a CH-DVR 1500.

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alexsim2004Author Commented:
I have a 2 hour+ video to save would that take about 3 gig? if so then that would probably be alright for me as i have 80 gig hard drive.
80 hih? You have plenty of space!  Just play the movie into a video capture card, and then use your burning software to make a DVD from it.the resulting files.
alexsim2004, I would probably do what nickg5 suggested. That would be the easiest route for you to take. Using a DVD recorder is simple and it will do the compression for you while burning directly to DVD. The only issue I see is that your editing capabilities may be limited depending on the dvdr that you buy.
without compression 1 hour of video = 12Gig
Well, compression is automated in to a lot of the software video recording applications nowadays, so you don't really have to worry about the 12gigs.  I'm not sure, but i'd say it would go down to about 2-4gigs?  Mpeg-4 or whatever it's called.
alexsim2004Author Commented:
Thankyou all for your help - You have greatly improved my understanding of VHS- DVD knowledge and I will consider looking out for that model (CH DVDR 1500) on ebay
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