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Hi All,

I don't know why sometimes I do a server reboot from my house (remotely reboot), server unable boot in windows, next morning I need go back to office reset the server and reboot into windows. I did check the event log, but can't find any system error.

What this server have this problem? Is hardware or software issue? My server is running RAID1.

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Hi.  There should be no difference rebooting remotely.  When you "reset" the server, what exactly do you do?
Is the server down when you arrive?  Is it waiting for you to hit enter to continue into Windows?

Check Computer Management (local) Properties --> Advanced Tab --> Startup and Recovery Button.
On the top section, System startup, check the Default Operating system to ensure it is the default OS you want to start at startup.
Directly beneath, ensure Display list of operating systems for X seconds is checked.
Enter 10 seconds.

In the Recovery section, ensure Write an event to the system log is checked.

Click the Shutdown button.
Under Force Apps Closed, select If Hung (Windows 2000 or later Only)

I assume when you rest the machine, you don't have to do anything for your RAID or to the boot.ini.  

Try rebooting the server remotely from a workstation proximal to the server so you can watch what happens.

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You can issue the following command from remote system,
shutdown.exe /r /m \\"ComputerName" /t 60
This will shutdown and then restart the remote system with an timeout of 60 seconds.
fox404Author Commented:
Hi gpriceee,

When I arrived, I am not sure it waiting me hit enter to continue or not! I saw the monitor screen is black, server (CPU) still running, what I do is when I arrive I hold the start button for few second shout down the Server, then On again.

I did try the above setting, but when I select If Hung (Windows 2000 or later Only), the windows pop me this message, "Error while trying to shutdown the computer:15" should I click OK? What will happend? Server will reboot?

I haven't try this yet, cos not sure the server will reboot or not, I will try this after working hrs.

If you also checked the Write an event to the system log, you now should have an idea of what is creating problems on the server.  Check the system log to see if an event was written.
I too need help to shut down the  server remotely. When i execute the about command, i got error message: Access denied. How to resolve?

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