iPod Woes


I have an iPod, a 60Gb photo one, my sister has a 40Gb, slightly older one.

My one is fine but my sister plugged her one in to my PC and now all the songs have wiped from her one.

I was not there when it was done so I am not sure if any messages came up.

Although it shows that no songs are available, there is still th usual amount of disk space in use that there would have been had the songs not been deleted

Is there anything I can do? Quite a lot of songs are somewhere - hope we can find them.

JackIT ManagerAsked:
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From experience, the music is kept in a hidden directory on the iPod, which you can copy them from. All of them are in subdirectories in:


The original filenames are cut short, but still recognizable if they're there.

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JackIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
How would I access this directory? I dont know wht drive the ipod registers as, thanks
If you look in Explorer, you should see a drive letter with the name behind it that your sister gave her iPod.
JackIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Cheers we had to enble "disk use", then I found the directory, but the files have gone, only the ones that are still on the laptop ere there as it had updated itself.

Strange thing is, on the iPod it says 15Gb is in use, but through explorer and iTunes it says 1Gb is being used, makes me think they are in there somewhere.
That's strange indeed. But if explorer and iTunes say there's no files there, I'd think the music is gone. Sorry...
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