Computer wont turn off after motherboard/CPU install

I have a computer here that just got a new MB and CPU and now it wont turn off after you tell XP to shut down. Everything goes blank but the hard drive light stays lit. If you hit reset it will come back up and Windows says it wasnt shut down properly. Its an AMD Sempron and MSI motherboard. All the other hardware was left over from the old MB/CPU. I didnt do the install but now Im the one trying to fix it! I replaced the IDE cable so far and that didnt help.
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Uninstall all the old device and check if that resolves the issue. This will narrow down on the device that is causing the issue. Also uninstall the PCI cards like modem or anyother card like that.

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Are you saying that you replaced (or had someone else replace) an old mobo and cpu with a new one, and kept all other hardware, but did not reinstall windows?

Your problem is that windows still has all the drivers for the old mobo and is still using the old commands to shutdown toe computer.  THe best way to fix this problem is to reinstall windows.
Personally, I dodn't know that you could switch mobos on windows and expect it to boot.  Also, I have tried and not found any way to reinstall the ACPI drivers (commands windows uses to shut down computer)

A few questions:
what was the old board manufacturer?
what was the old cpu?
what is your operating system (version of windows)
do you have a windows cd?
XP has several shutdown modes and it sounds to me like you have yours set to go to standby vs actually shutting down.
I think that is the default setting.

Also are you sure you didn't wire the hard drive and power LEDS to the wrong connectors on the board?
The power light would stay on in standby. Not the drive indicator.
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Jeremy Yip NgowCommented:
Did you format your hard drive after installing the MB and CPU.
The new hardware will have to be detected and installed in order to function properly.
Go to and see if they still have their free version of RegCleaner.  One of the options is to reset the hardware config.  This will wipe out all registy entries relating to hardware devices.  You MUST have access all need driver files before you do this.  

I have upgraded MB on two different Windows machines had had unusal problems until I did this.

If this does not work, unfortuntly wipe and re-install will be your only solution.  Widows does not like some hardware being replaced.  

Some motherboards don't have a software "soft" powerdown feature.  Meaning even if windows shuts down it doesn't have the ability to tell the motherboard to turn off.  In general modern motherboards those produced after 2002 have a soft powerdown feature.  Check your motherboard documentation for this feature, and check your BIOS to see if you have it and it is enabled.  If you don't have it.... then nothing you try will turn the computer off short of manually hitting the power button to turn the machine off.
TSI-WLVAuthor Commented:
I did a repair installation before trying to boot it up just in case the chipset was different. I didnt feel like seeing any blue screens today! Thats one way to keep your current Windows installation intact. The repair detects the new hardware and gets it working. I just heard you should do that before even trying to boot into windows. The rest of the hardware was the same. It worked just fine.

It turns out that it was a bad modem. At first when I put in another modem it did the same thing. Also when I had the power off and the computer plugged in I could insert a PCI device and it would start the computer! So I took the MB back and exchanged it.

When I tried the new one I still had the same problem until I used a different modem. Now it works just fine.

innovator joel gave me the idea to try removing devices to narrow it down so Ill call that the correct answer.
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