how-to log into/access WinXP from Linux???

I have two PCs networked on a DSL switch.  

PC "L" is running Fedora 4 and PC "W" is running WinXP.  What is the best way to access the resources on W from L such as data on the hard-drives and the printer?

It would be best to be able to log into W from L and do a remote desktop thing, and especially nice if I could do that while another user is using W at the same time.

I am a Linux newbie and so step by step explicit directions are going to be more useful than simply "install VNC and log in..."  My Windows skills are pretty good.


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geir_andersenSystems engineerCommented:
if you want to use Remote Desktop, I'd look into RDesktop.

I installed this on my linux computer once, and used it very successfully.
Just download the rpm package from here:
(This should be the one you want: )

Next you enter a terminal window (xterm or similar) and enter the folder you downloaded the RPM into

Type rpm -iv rdesktop-1.4.1-0.1.fc3.test.i386.rpm

when that finishes you should be able to issue the command in a terminal window: rdesktop
and be able to log into you windows station.. Assuming it's accepting incoming RDC connections.

>It would be best to be able to log into W from L and do a remote desktop thing, and >especially nice if I could do that while another user is using W at the same time.

You want two people using the exact same desktop simultaneously in
a collaborative way [and seeing the others actions] or two separated sessions
where each user would be able to run programs and would not normally
directly observe the other's activities?
You can use Samba to access the Windows box as a file and print server.

This way you run your programs on Linux just like you normally would.  The Windows share that you setup will appears as a mount point on Linux.  I have never shared a printer with Windows as the server and Linux as the client, so I am not sure how that will appear.

In fact you can also setup your Linxu box as a Samba server and access any files you have on it from your windows box.  

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Which Linux Distro and version are you using?
geir_andersenSystems engineerCommented:
>> Which Linux Distro and version are you using?

Quote from original question:
>>PC "L" is running Fedora 4 and PC "W" is running WinXP

Sorry, missed that.

Install the windows networking package on FC4, then you can use konqueror to connect to the windows PC. Just enter the following in the location field:


You will then have to logon using an account that has the rights to connect on the windows PC, then you will see the shared drives and you can do with those files what you want. This is not the same as a vnc connection, where you are actually working on the windows PC and also using the programs etc that are on the windows PC.
wheels4meAuthor Commented:
I split the points for with this reasoning:

geir_andersen gave an answer that worked and had the step-by-step to implement it, but it was not quite what I wanted.

giltjr had the answer of what I needed to use, but left out those vital step-by-step instructions that are oh-so-vital for the Newbie or at least a link to a good set of instructions

rindi tossed in a helpful command.

I can now rdesktop into my XP box, but have not got the Samba setup working yet.  I knew that PC users could access Linux using Samba, but was not sure that it worked both ways.  Now I know.

Thanks to all.  

Thanks too.
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