Whats a good way to write multiple threads applications?

I have a existing application, it has one function, what it does is like this;

check website 1 for updates;
check website 2 for updates;
check website 3 for updates;

it get url from an hardcoded arraylist.

What I want to do is upgrade this application, that it start this functions 5 times at the same time to go tru this list quicker.
 (5 threads), whats the best way to do this? Performance is most important issue here.


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One way to do it:
Store the items in a synchronized queue, then start all your threads. Every thread accesses the queue. When the queue is empty, all threads exit.

outline for one thread:
while not queue.IsEmpty
   url = queue.dequeue
   result = CheckWebsite(url)
end while

creating the synchronized queue (handles thread synchronization by itself):
Queue rawQueue = New Queue
Queue queue = Queue.Synchronized(rawQueue)
OctalysAuthor Commented:
I understand this, but I was more interested in the thread handling code examples.

// I understand this, but I was more interested in the thread handling code examples.

call the function n number of times to create as many threads as u want.
public function f1()

dim t  as new Thread(addressof ThreadProc)


end function

public sub ThreadProc()
//access the array list and get the url

end sub

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