500pts: Moving objects on the screen with mouse? (personalization)

Hi there,

I have seen a few sites where you can actually move around an object i.e. a textbox or picture on the screen. Can anybody help how to do this?

Probably best to explain what i am trying to do. Basically i have a search results page but the admin of the search results page can design the search results page the way he likes it..

Its for a property app. So he says yes show  no. of pics, show description, show number of bathrooms, DO NOT show location etc and then he can move around the objects on the screen until they like it...

Then my idea would be to click a save button and the values like screen co-ordinates etc would be sent via asp.net to the server for storing.

Anybody have any ideas on this?


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what is the Q ?

it sounds possible.

search a bit for dhtml and drag
has seems to be woking (IE6SP2).

and on the drop events you can put the values into the fields of a form and send them to your server
as you describe.

when You hit the wall with it - lets us know and we'll be happy to help.

ianinspainAuthor Commented:
Sorry, yes basically i need to move around elements on a page and then when clicking a button called save it would send the co-ordinates of the elements to the server so when the page is finally displayed it can position the elements according to the co-ordinates.

Thanks for the look, i am going to  take a look now

go through the following you can drag the elements and can find out the coordinates also

for draging the elements:

to find the coordinates

check this


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I've got something, I used to be working on that website back in 2002, when I fell in love with my very first language Javascript. www.frozendev.com
ianinspainAuthor Commented:
thanks guys, this helps alot.. splitting points..

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