How to id hard drive controllers / install drivers. Probs with w2k install. Inaccessible boot device. Missing PCI mass storage controllers

I have been trying to update my OS from win 98 to win 2000 pro. Every time the files start to transfer I receive a blue screen stop error saying "inaccessible boot device". Before this happens during the setup phase I am told there is missing "PCI mass storage controllers" but that they can be installed later.

I have been advised to update the BIOS and that the problem is that the hard drive is not being recognized because the PCI mass storage controllers are actually for the hard drive.

I need to know how to locate the drivers and how to install them.

Here are a few specific questions I have:

I was asked to find out if the controllers were on board or add on cards. Does 'onboard' mean on the motherboard or on rhe hard drive? How can I tell where they are located?

I was also asked to find out what type they are. How do I do this?

Once I get this info how do I install the drivers? Do I do it when I am told about the missing PCI mass storage controllers during setup for w2k?

Here is my system info: Pent 3 - 500 mhz - 384bm RAM - Abit be6 motherboard  - Maxtor hard drive model 93652u8.


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Okay.. First..

Are you trying to do the *upgrade* from W98 - W2k
or do you simply want to change from W98 to W2k??

The easiest way to do this is to remove and save any files you want to another location and then wipe the drive for a clean install. The upgrades can be done but they are usually problematic.

You have a "HPT 366" drive contorller driver on the board.
Here are the drivers:

However they will not help you unless windows has loaded and you aren't there yet.

The BIOS update might help.

Each update includes all the updates from the ones before it so you only need the latest version.
Note the 11/11/1999 update included and update for the HPT 366 firmware [BIOS].

A "Firmware" is a basically a BIOS but not the main motherboard's BIOS. ..  CD burners, hard drives,
video cards, and other major things usually have one but they are rarely addressed.

Here are your BIOS downloads:

Do not forget that you need the flash utility too.

The PL version is oldest. You want the TH version.
As I said, the PL version updates are included in the TH version.

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The firmware update for the HPT 366.

Given it's date of 11/11/1999 it might have well come into being to fix issues with WIN2k.
I wonder if your Windows98 installation did not have the Intel Chipset drivers....           440bx...

here is the link to Intel for the correct drivers
My reccomendation wud be to do a clean install of windows2000 or even better a Windows XP install. WindowsXP has a better support base and with ur RAM it shud run fine. I have a system with a similar config of P3-550 and 384 MB RAM and it runs just fine on it. It wud be worth it to give it a shot.

Also updating the BIOS shud also iron out any inconsistency and u might not have any more problems at all regarding setup.

Another thing u might wanna try is to enter the BIOS and load "Optimal Settings" and then see if u can load windows. Try disabling ACPI from Power Management section.

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