Epson 'Over-genourous with black ink' on photos

Printer Used:
Epson Stylus Photo R300
Kodak Premium Picture Paper (ultra Glossy)

Basicaly I have never delved into what makes a Printer tick because in the past, I tell a printer to print..... and it prints, simple. So if the answer to my question is comon sense then I appologise in advance.

Ok when I print photos at any sizes from 6x4, A5 or A4 to my printer on the photo paper listed above, the printer is way to over genourous with the black ink, and its ruining my shots. I dont mean just a little either, when I print THE SAME photo's on one of my printers at work (i think its the epson 3600), the prints come out really well. For example to try and explain how bad it is.... I did a photo shoot this weekend for some Ballet dancers with a white dust cloth backdrop, there was an intentional shadow at the top of the dustcloth, when printed on the work printer the shadow was well presented at print, but my R300 @ home produced the shadow at near black and drasticly darkened the print all round, even though there was only a small amount of shadow on the image.  Right sorry I'm going on a bit now.

I have tried running the printer on its head cleaning utility and tried changing varoius settings when printing but now i am unsure and frankly annoyed as the Epson R300 has been given good photo printing reviews. :o(

Any adivce on what i could try?

Thank You
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The problem should be caused by the paper you are using. Kodak photo paper has been developed to work also with Hp and Lexmark printer which (often) produce composite (lighter) black using Cyan Magenta and Yellow on coated paper. R300 uses photo black, it's deeper than composite black and with right support delivers a more contrasted image.

You could try creating your own color profile for Kodak paper but you would need a separate software and an hardware device to  calibrate monitor.

I think that the best solution is to use Epson Premium Glossy photo paper (S041286) or Semigloss photo paper (S041331),  avoid Epson Durabrite paper since it is designed to work with pigmented inks and would suffer exactly the same issue of Kodak paper.

If the printer you are using at work is the Stylux Cx3630 or Cx4600, it's a trichromatic device when used with glossy photo paper and this explains better results.

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berkinhAuthor Commented:
Actualy i was wrong the printer at work is in fact a 'HP Deskjet 3650' so if what you say is true about Kodak Paper being developed to work with HP's and Lexmarks then that would explain the better results when compaired to my Epson at home.

I will take your advice and try a pack of Epson's Premium Gloss Photo paper, and hopfully this will yeild better results, if not then I will have a play around with the colour profiles, and will probalby buy a better printer soon anyway.

Thank you for the advice.
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