Exporting/Importing User accounts and passwords (shadowed)

I'm currently moving a site over to a new server. There are about 60 ftp users on the old box that I need to move over.

The server is a linux box running Redhat. The ftp on the new server is proftp. I'm not sure what the one running on the old box is at the moment.

Now I believe the ftp software (proftp) uses users/passwords that are in the system opposed to its own list of usernames/passwords (correct me if I'm wrong), so I thought it should be possible to some how export the information and import it (filtering out certain users during the import or export).

Is there a utility or command out there that will help me do this?
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I dont think their is a tool that does this for you but I think you might be able to copy the /etc/passwd and the /etc/shadow
password files over and put them on the new server. It might work now 100% sure as I have never had to do that.
To need to  transfer the user account details accross (login name, password and group infor etc), you need to transfer/or merge the follow file under the /etc dir:
 passwd, shadow, group and gshadow

have a look at the /etc/password file to see where the user's home dirs located, transfer them to the new box as well.

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ProFTP can be configured to use system data (/etc/passwd, /etc/shadow, /etc/group), private ProFTP files, other means. You need to look at the proftp config and see what it's using. in either of the common cases you can merge the user data from the old server into the corresponding files on the new server.

When I set up an FTP server I always use ProFTP or NcFTPd configured to use private user data for security reasons. The username & password are passed in plain text in an FTP session and can be sniffed. Using system auth data for FTP means that any captured user data can then be used to log in to the server... Not good. Using private files those FTP users aren't linux accounts and their FTP access will be as the FTP server user (typically nobody).
ShroderAuthor Commented:
Turns out proftp was saving the username/password to a database. Password was encrypted with what ever is equilivent to mySQL's PASSWORD() function. The password files in linux are encrypted with MD5 from what I found so I just had to put them in by hand. What a pain.

Thanks for the help though. :) Learned something from this.
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