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Hello All,

I am planning to buy Dell Inspirion laptop. Either 600m or 700m. Wanted to know the feedback.

1. I am planning on going for 1Gb memory and do not know, how the processor speed and video memory affects the perfomarmace? When I ugradefrom basic speed of 1.5GHz to 1.6 or 1.8, price shoots by $150 to $200. So what I am trying to understand is, is it worth to pay this amount for boosting the speed? Or it is just marketing strategy?

Please let me know..
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Is is more or less a marketing strategy, but it depends on what you are planning to use the system for. If you are planning on using light load applications, like Work and Excel, the 1.5 should be fine. If you are stepping it up a little, say some light video editing, I would jump for the faster one. 1 gig of memory is recommended; I am sure you will be using XP home of Pro. Both systems you are planning on buying has a maximum memory of 2 gigs, so you should be good if you need to upgrade down the road. Dell makes good systems. Hope this helps.

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Mamata_gdAuthor Commented:
Hello bagged2drag,

Thanks for reply.

Hello everyone,

If I understand correctly. Centrino chip is more for power cosumtion and gives better battery life. At the same time, Cetrino chip's speed is way less than normal pentium hyperthreaded chip. How do speeds of these two processor related?

Let us know..


You are exactly right, the Centrino is a mobile processor that extends battery life. It is not as powerful as the full P4. If you have a P4, it is a full-size chip, you could pull it out and stick it in a desktop.

It REALLY depends on what task they're doing. Centrino basically just includes a bigger L2 cache on the CPU.That means for intense number crunching operations like photo editing, etc, it comes out in front. I have seen comparisons of a 1.6GHz M processor to a
P4-2.2GHz, where the 1.6-M walks all over the 2.2. But any application that works purely by clock cycles (e.g. file copying, DOS apps, etc), will be significatly faster with a P4/3.0 than with a M/1.5.
Bagged reall hit the main question: what will you be using the PC for. In all due respect, you should try to buy the fastest machine you can afford, that way you're laptop will last a longer time. The laptop I am working on right now is a 5 year old dell inspiron 4100, 1ghz, that I bought top of the line back then, and it will run any software today (except games). As far as your memory, 1GB is a good bet. For your video card, I would recommend atleast 64 MB. If you will never use your PC for games, then 64 MB will provide you with smooth window transitions, window tiling, and the occasional dvd movie. The biggest investment you can make is a larger hard drive. Laptop hard drives are very expensive to upgrade, and the $100 price from 40 to 60 gb from the manufacturer is a supper deal compared to a new 60 gb drive for several hundred dollars.
I generally agree with what bagged2drag already said. I have been running some benchmarks on the Centrino vs the P4 chip, and on average you can expect about a 50% gain in speed for the Centrino. By this I mean that a 1.6 GHz Centrino will seem about as fast as a 1.6 + 50% = 2.4 GHz P4.

The above is for most computationally intensive jobs, not taking I/O or graphics into account.

I also found a class of small applications where the Centrino has no advantage, i.e. a 1.6 GHz Centrino runs as fast as a 1.6 GHz P4. However, these are the exception.
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