Need info on AMD opteron processor: OPN - OSADA240CC05

It's an OEM CPU, assembled in Malaysia.  The OPN is not listed on AMD's quick reference guide.  I couldn't find any info on it online.  Anyone know what the extra 'DA' in the OPN refers to?  Thank You!
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Bit of a mystery. The question intrigued me and I've searched around for a while, but came up empty I'm afraid.

2 observations: the 2 letter part definition - it defines the processor revision, number of cores, etc. - that is normally at the end, is missing from your OPN. But there does not seem to be a "DA" part definition if it were to have anything to do with that.

Normally, after "OS" for Opteron Server, comes the power specification which is normally A. There does not seem to be an "ADA" power definition, if it were to have anything to do with that.

Could this be an engineering sample or something to that effect?

Can the CPU-Z utility make anything of it? It's a free download on this page:

If you really want to know you could try calling AMD. Apparently it's normal for their online technical documentation to be behind, in case you're dealing with something brand spanking new. The fairly new revision E 90nm SOI core processors do already seem to be listed however.

Sorry I can't be of more help.


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imkennyAuthor Commented:
You are correct Anton.  It's a prerelease sample that AMD gave to some of their OEM partners to test.  Just found out myself yesterday.  Apparently there are some beta CPUs floating around with unlisted OPN numbers. I got some of these CPUs brand new from a big PC manufacturer to resell...would've preferred regular Opteron 240s. Oh well...I hope there's a market for rare AMD chips. =P

Thank you lombardp and Anton.
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