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I must have inadverdantly deleted some part of my Dell Image Expert.  I run XP Pro, it was installed by the factory and Image Expert was included.  For some reason when I try to open a jpeg I get a message saying that an error occured in opening the Expert Image.  I then have to go to Open As and click Explorer or another application.  I need to find out how to repair what I did.  
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Hi saintsfanpk3,

In the Dell restore disks or bundled software, is there a separate install for Dell Image Expert?

Have you called Dell Support.  They are pretty good about helping here.

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Dell Image Expert was bought a while back by JASC and is now marketed as Jasc Paint Shop Photo Album, as a result Dell no longer support the software (You can upgrade to JASC but it will cost around $30).

As war1 already said try your system restore disks. There should be a single disk labelled "Dell Picture Studio Dell Image Expert" which contains the full program.

The alternative would be a freeware image viewer such as Irfanview

M :o)

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>>The alternative would be a freeware image viewer such as Irfanview

Or if you only awnt to view it set IE as the default one.
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