A Little Concerned here....

When I did the 'uptime' command It showed as 3 users as the output...I am logged in as my own USER account and NOT as ROOT. So how come its showing as 3 users logged in? This is scary...Is this normal or not? I know theres 2 default accounts: One is ROOT and the other is the NOBODY account. But why does uptime show 3 users???

  5:15pm  up   0:27,  3 users,  load average: 0.29, 0.28, 0.31
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to show currently logged in users...
This should help you out
As a followup, it's probably you logged into your gui with a couple of console screens running.
Post the output of w here and I'll tell you what's going on...
jslayton01Author Commented:
:~> w
 23:05:19 up 10 min,  3 users,  load average: 0.25, 0.36, 0.29
vin001   :0        22:56   ?xdm?  36.02s  0.08s /bin/sh /opt/kde3/bin/startkde
vin001   pts/0     22:56    8:58   0.00s  0.77s kded [kdeinit] kded
vin001   pts/1     23:05    0.00s  0.02s  0.00s w

vin001 which is me.
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Yep, it's all you, looks like KDE is the top two, and your console window is the third one.
I probably didn't make this clear before, but where it says "3 users" it means three sessions, not that there are three user accounts on the system.
Looks like youre OK :)

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Thanks for the points!
jslayton01Author Commented:
Wait a minute....

Did I have to actually points in or just only grading your reply is enough?
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