man in the middle attacks

Ok, to use this you need 2 interfaces in your linux box right?  Can they both be in the same network (ie: eth0  eth1

The goal here is to craft fake arp replies to broadcast right? To poison the mac table of the victim AND the real gateway?
Pretend my macs are as followed
eth0     00:50:04:88:0B:47
eth1     00:B0:d0:86:E8:2B

I send one arp reply that tells the victim "the gateway can now be found at  00:50:04:88:0B:47"    The attacker then sends another arp reply out that tells the real gateway : "the victim can now be found at 00:B0:d0:86:E8:2B

Then the victim starts sending me internet traffic (which I sniff), I then forward this traffic out of eth1 towards the real gateway.  When the real gateway responds, he will be sending the data to my eth1. Which I will forward out my eth0 to the victim.

Hence they are none the wiser. Is this correct?
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> Can they both be in the same network
yes (but don't know what this has to do with MITM)

> Hence they are none the wiser. Is this correct?
no, 'cause some attackers my be not in the same net segment, hence never see your MACs

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I think this attempt at inserting your computer into a network to proxy the traffic of the unaware will be thwarted by the advent of switches. They all have ARP tables to facilitate layer two switching.

Ho can you poison the ARP tables on the switches...

Your best bet would be to attempt to place your dual homed machine between networks.


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