putty timeout - how to disable?

I'm connected to my mandrake box through SSh a lot of times to view snort logs. However, if I walk away the putty client usually times out. How do I configure mandrake (or my putty client) to not time out?
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It sounds like the connection is being dropped off, possibly by a
router or NAT device clearing the routes if you do not send messages
through often enough.

Ok, so you open putty...

click the proper saved session, press the "Load" button
now, go to the category menu on the left

click connection  

Enter a non-zero number in the "Seconds between keepalives"

Try about 90 seconds at first... use a smaller number if necessary

Then on the category go back to "Session" and click save to save these
changes to your saved session.

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dissolvedAuthor Commented:
im configuring it, but it is not saving it.
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