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you said. "(I'm not a big user of the control myself.  I've never given my users a datagrid ... but i do like to use it myself to monitor datasets and custom collections)"

 What do you use when you wish to display multiple records like it does?

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lol.  Hey scott, luckily i'm bored enough on the 4th of july to check up on EE.

If you mean something to display multiple records for real users for a real app ... ?  It really depends on the kindof data that you're working with and what your users want, but i generally use list and combo boxes like most folks.

There're lots of ways to grind-down to let your users get to the data they want with abunchof records.  Maybe you want to see ... i dunno ... the sales profits per quarter at each one of your franchise locations.  or something like that.  You might have a listbox with all of your locations (or combobox if you're short on real estate) ... then you might have a tabcontrol taking up most of the page where each tab is a quarter, so the whole tabcontrol shows location data.  it might have a chart and some info about the store manager ... double click on the pic of the store manager (or click a button or use a context menu or ... whatever your users are used to in your apps -- consistency is key) ... and you'll get a pop-up showing info about the store manager.  Actually, in this case, you'd want the store manager out of the tab-control, assuming it's not dependent on the quarter, but you get the idea.

I've never used any software that gave me a simple grid-layout of it's data ... sounds pretty dull and none-too-user-friendly.

Don't take this the wrong way but ... just copy what you see in other apps, adding your own innovations, essentially.  If you're using .Net, then you're dealing with windows users, most likely ... (if you're making a desktop application) ... so model what you see in other windows applications (or the OS itself) that works.  Same deal with web apps ... model what people use online that works.  Then you keep the learning-curve for your software way down.  Make it behave like people would expect it to.  If someone's beta testing your app and they try right -clicking a control and they get nothing ... depending on how much time you have, i'd try not to say "can't right click that" ... and say "sorry, can't right click that at the moment ... hey, what options were you expecting to see when you right-clicked that?" ...

hope that helps a bit.  happy 4th if you're american.  if you meant something completely different ... my bad :P i'll check back on the thread later.  ciao.

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ScottParkerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for answering,  

My application (yes a windows application) is your typical "Sales Order Header" / "Sales Order Detail" type application.  I have the normal text and combo boxes set up for the header type information, and then when I wrote this post I had been trying to use a datagrid for the display/adding/editing of the detail lines...

I have moved away from allowing the user to do anything with the datagrid.  It is now display only. I found the grid hard to work with.  So I now have a section of text and combo boxes for the detail line. (with add/edit buttons)

My programming background is business applications on an AS/400.  The "Datagrid" control really does match the "visual" concept of what I am used to working with. (although the AS/400 is green screen the concept is simular to a video sub-file display)

Anyway I am rambleing..  Thanks for answering..
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