A request for suggestion to 3-tier architecture

Imaging a 3-tier architecture as follows:

Database ----- Application Server ----Web Server
(MSSQL)            (Delphi)                    (PHP)

A PHP script calls functions provided by Application Server, and Application gets data from Database.

What I care most is the stability of this architecture (It should run for months continuously). Can anyone give me a suggestion about:
  1: What technology should be applied for the application server to connect to database? (ODBC,BDE, ADO or any other)
  2: In what way should the functions provided by application server be called? (Web Services or any other)

I would appreciate for any idea.
Thank you very much.
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Mohammed NasmanSoftware DeveloperCommented:

1. Avoid ODBC and BDE, use ADO for accessing MS Sql, or you can try direct access components like SDAC, which will give better performance.

2.   I suggest you to go with Web services, because it could be used with PHP and most of programming languages

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klempererAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your quick answer.
Does Web Services developed by delphi meet my expections of stability?
My suggestion is ADO with Webservices
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Sorry I did not refresh the page....
Mohammed NasmanSoftware DeveloperCommented:
>>Does Web Services developed by delphi meet my expections of stability?
Yes, also you can use Delphi .net for that

and you can also use better solution for developing web services with Delphi like RemObjects, they offer a better messaging type, but I don't know if that compatible with PHP or not
klempererAuthor Commented:
It was said that Delphi 6 had some bugs for Web Services implementation. I wonder whether Delphi 7 be enough for Web Services development. Thank you all.
Mohammed NasmanSoftware DeveloperCommented:
Do you have Delphi 7 already ?

if not, then upgrade to Delphi 2005, it's fixed more bugs and contian the Delphi for .Net compiler, which you can build web services easily based on .Net

or you can buy RemObject, it's work with Delphi 6, and give you a better 3 tier architecture
klempererAuthor Commented:
Yes, I have Delphi 7 now, and have no plan to upgrade to Delphi 2000 yet.
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