Help with table array

I don't know how to get started on this.  The problem is this:

Make a table.  Each column represents a 1D array.  We have 3 arrays (Name[7], Age[7], and Salary[7].) The first location from the first array is related to the first location from the second array and related to the first location from the third array.  Write a program to input values, then display the info for people who are over 30 years old.  To  display name, age and salary.  Any suggestions on how to start???
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i think it means this

name   age   salary
name   age   salary
name   age   salary
name   age   salary
name   age   salary
name   age   salary
name   age   salary

so creating a mult demensional array

int[][] mytable = new int[3][7];
for (int i = 0; i < inputArraySize.length;i++)//i.e for the input arrays
 mytable[0][i]  = nameArray[i];
 mytable[1][i]  = ageArray[i];
 mytable[2][i]  = salaryArray[i];

that will dot he insert

then to get all people over 30

for(int i = 0; i < myarray[1].length;i++)
  if(myarray[1][i] > 30)
   System.out.println("Name: " + myarray[0][i] + " Age: " + myarray[2][i]);

think this is what ya want??

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Your code will be more readable if you use named constants rather than integer literals as indices:

private static final int NAME = 0;
private static final int AGE = 1;
private static final int SALARY = 2;


mytable[NAME][i]  = nameArray[i];
mytable[AGE][i]  = ageArray[i];
mytable[SALARY][i]  = salaryArray[i];


if(myarray[AGE][i] > 30)
brianf38Author Commented:
How do I add multiple values:

Such as:
Melissa 35  $28500
Pat 53  $75000
Jane  49  $38000
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depends are you going to be adding them dynamically?
If so it might be a better idea to create some form of list? Maybe linkedlist and have objects that have name age and salary

public class person
int age;
int salary;
String name;
    public person( String name, int age, int salary)
   { = name;
     this.age = age;
     this.salary = salary;

   public int getSalary()
   return salary;

   public void setSalary(int sal)
    salary = sal;
   //do same for other variables

then create a linked list in your code with objects like that
LinkedList myList = new LinkedList();
//to add a person
myList.add(new person("Melissa ",35,28500))

//to search for people over 30

for(int i = 0; i < mylist.size();i++)
   Person currentPerson = (Person)myList.get(i);
  if(currentPerson.getAge() > 30)
   System.out.println(currentPerson.getName() + " is over 30");

a nicer way to do it if you have to add people

if u need to add to the array where position you want is the index in the array to insert the new person

mytable[NAME][position you want]  = “Melissa”;
mytable[AGE][ position you want]  = 53  ;
mytable[SALARY] [position you want]  = 28500;

just a note you probably want to use a string array because int[] wont work for the names :)
sorry just make sure the class name starts with a captail hehe typo in my previous quote i.e person = Person
brianf38Author Commented:
Thanks!  :)

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