How to retrieve information via Exchange server 2003 with .net development platform.

Hi all,

We are new to .net environment. recently we have been given a task whereby we need to use or to implement 2 applications. One is windows base & another one is web-based. Both objective of these applications are to retrieve information such as email account, contacts/address, appointments from the exchange server 2003 which is now running on Windows 2003 server and later to send sms through these email contacts.

We have spent lot of time to search on the Internet regarding the available technology, how it can be done, and some samples coding. However we failed & we are very blur about it.

We hav found some methods like webdav, mapi, cdo, cdoex which might be able to retrieve information from exchange 2003.

First we thought by using might work on it. However, some notes we found also saying that there are not able to support in the .net environment. (;%5BLN%5D;813349) Even so, we are not able to find useful example that suit our project cause most of the examples must work with outlook as client email program.

Then we think of cdoex, whereby we couldn't find any working examples for us to understand how it can work. I think we might need a lot of understanding of COM object usage.

We are miserablly lost, we even don't know how we start. We failed to look for any useful example.

Thus, we really hope any experts out there could provide us some working samples coding: for eg, we have a form which when we click a button, it will connect to exchange 2003 server & prompt out a list box for us to choose account from global address book, once we selected the account it can return to the main form. & and we click d sent button, it will send out a simple email to us.

All these must develop in or possible, pls provide us both windows & web based coding & steps to implement)  I don't really know whether this development is an extreme difficult or not, if it is so, I will add more points for it later. I really really hope some experts out there can help us.. we are extremely stress here just for this implmentation.

Thank you!


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Probably a lot of effort to get you the exact examples you requested, but here's an example that should be very useful to you...

"Accessing Remote Exchange Server To read/delete mails using WEBDAV" in VB.Net:


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