Cloning Windows XP to new computer


I need to cloning my WindowsXP to my new computer.

How to do that step by step.

Normally how long it will take to complete the job?


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the first and most important thing. Make a backup of at least all personal data...

The rest depends on your old and new computer.
If both computers are very different (e.g. one Intel chipset and one nVidia chipset), in my opinion it's the best to do a clean install an then transfer only your personal data (via network or CD/DVD).

If both computers have for example an Intel chipset on their motherboard, you have a good chance that your old setup works with the new computer. To test that, plug in your old harddisk in the new computer and try to boot from it. (after a backup, of course)

Look here :;nl;314070                        move XP to other mobo                         "     "     "    "      "   
try to use Acronis TrueImage or Norton Ghost

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>>  Normally how long it will take to complete the job   <<  this depends on how you do it; if you put the disk in another mobo setup, you can get away by running  a repair install = 25 minutes; if it is the same chipset mobo, it can work directly. if you do a ghost over the network, depending on the network speed, it may take up to 2-3 hours.
zizwceAuthor Commented:
The new computer is same as old one. I prefer to use windows XP steps for cloning. Do i need to have link cable to my new pc?

I heard that it can be done in less than 10 minute.



acronis true image is a good tool but i would recommend if you are doing this for the first time use nortons ghost, its probably the most straight forward and user friendly software out there, and at pc universe we used to use it for most of our system builds.
this will image the whole hard drive compressed to dvd or a few disks depending on what hardware you have available, follow the steps through and re-imaging should take about half an hour.

let us kow how it goes and give us a shout if you need more help.
if you have windows on your new computer, maybe you are referring to the Move files and settings wizard in xp,which you can find in the system workset, in programs>office accessories
zizwceAuthor Commented:
Nope nobus. My new pcs is new. No OS yet. I have more than 10 pc to cloning too in limited time.
Then i would support gonaz : try to use Acronis TrueImage or Norton Ghost
The fastest way is hooking each of the drives for a new PC up as slave to the one that is used as master; and cloning it to that disc, then put the drive in the new PC.
You can also do it by connecting the PC's via the network, but it would take considerably longer.
you can use something like VCOM too :

or pc inspector clone-maxx : (free)
As you said that the new PCs are the same as the old PCs, I agree with 'theGmufc' to use an imaging solution
But I would use TrueImage and not Norton Ghost, because as far as I remember it had some problems with new hardware (especially raid-controllers, new mainboard chipsets), but maybe that's fixed now.

As far as I know both offer a trial version for testing.
zizwceAuthor Commented:
Is anyone know how to use the cloning process using the WindowsXP installation CD?

I heard that's also fast process if u have same MOBO.

you can try the disc copy feature from the disc manufacturer
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