IE pushes div aside


learning some css...... I have a header div, 2 div cols ( menu and content ), footer div.
The only <u>forced</u> div is the menu which has float left, the content has been set with a margin eqivalent to the menu width (130px).
It all works as planned in FF OP NS but IE acts as though it is wrapping and forces anything right about 2px until passed the height of the menu and settles back to my dimensions.
The menu items are ul li a "link", althought even just plain text, even just one letter, will push the content aside.
How can i tame this IE quirk without resorting to squashing my monitor in a vice?

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The easiest way would probably be to take prewritten templates for the basic framework and menu.

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roadhog_NZAuthor Commented:
thanks but im not into templates much.

also i've managed to sus it, I just forced the content column to float left as well, no more yukky gap in IE yay.
roadhog_NZAuthor Commented:
Ill give you the points because of the quick answer and links that do look relevant, but really all youve done is given me a search result
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A search result doesn't have the benefit of my experience, and you've also landed me with a C on my record. I'll also point out that, given the lack of detail in your question, a more specific answer isn't actually possible.

Please review the grading guidelines and request either a deletion or a higher grade.
roadhog_NZAuthor Commented:
a link to a 3 column layout when i have clearly stated a 2 column layout doesnt appear to be a benefit of your experience
Given that a two column layout is a three column layout with one column removed, and that I provided a link to two column layouts too ...
Thanks Sean.
roadhog_NZAuthor Commented:
If you would like to request that my account be terminated thats fine by me based on the following.......

I fail to see how links to sites (a few I had already visited and not found my solution) constitue a solution to my question.
I gave him the points because even though I did not need his response like I said it was prompt, and <u>may</u> have helped had I not found my own solution.
He then complained because he didnt like the grade I gave him, I also fail to see how mere links constitue anything more than an average answer.
I seriously compare links to some sites the equivalent of a "read the manual" response..... which I was unable to do because the libaray and stores were closed.
An expert should not assume what steps I have previously taken, if he says "given the lack of detail in your question" then he should take steps to understand my situation.

>> then he should take steps to understand my situation.

Absolutely - the problem is that you did not give him the chance.
EE is not about selecting an aswer after the first post, sometimes it takes hours (or days) to find a solution:

Take your time - and work with the experts. That is what we are here for.

roadhog_NZAuthor Commented:
Ok thanks,

Incidently I did look at the links he provided and thier solutions suffered the same problem
That's very possible - although the templates are useful, they are just frameworks and every single one will need to be customized depending on the scenario.

So next time, just keep digging. David (or any other top expert here) would be only too happy to work through them with you.

And thanks for posting back :-)
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