Replace string

hi i have a prolblem. i want to search a text for a string and replace it with another string

i'm using String.Replace("oldval","newval");

but the problem for example i have text "in the morning i'll say. withen two days i'll go "
let's say i want to replace "the" with "WE" .when using string .replace .it results

"in WE morning i'll say,wiWEn two days i'll go" .it replace a part of the word. iwant it .to repalce a whole words .not the parts of other i clear> ihope i can find help
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hema3iAuthor Commented:
and also it may contains two words or three .or more than

i found Regex.Replace();

using the expression \bTheWord\b

what is the expression . for one two or three or more words
//***You can put spaces to both sides of the strings like this
i'm using String.Replace(" oldval "," newval ");
PeterFearnCommented: is a good place to look.

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As PeterFearn mentioned, regex is the best solution for your problem.

Regex class or Regular Expressions is a wonderful and very powerfull text  parsing  tool.

It has a lot of various functions but I'll show only what you need.
The main idea is to "create" a special pattern within your string that matches exactly what you need.

First we must inherit Regex class, we do so by:

using System.Text.RegularExpressions;

string test= "in the morning i'll say. withen two days  i'll go "; //your string
string pattern = @"\bthe\b"; //the pattern: \b       - Matches a word boundary, the position
                                         // between a word and a space. (from left and right)
//in other words, it finds "the" without leading and trailing letters. But if doesn't exclude non word //chars like - , . etc' (there is another pattern for that)

string test1 = Regex.Replace(test,pattern,"we");
//Use regex's replace to replace :)   (test=your string, patter=search pattern, "we" = new string)
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