is there a way to hook a app and get get everythiing that sends and recieves?

is there a way to hook a app and get get everythiing that sends and recieves?

im just want that.

I'll thank any help
1000  points for some source code.
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What by sends/receives do you mean instructions passed via Windows Messaging, or file input/output, or something else?

Thank you for your clarification.


Sorry... pardon my bad English!

Do you mean send/receives of Windows Messaging instructions, file access, TCP/IP events, or some other input/output to a given application?
send and recieve what?

- registry
- internet
- file access
- windows messaging
- ports
- dll's
- pointers
- mouse
- keyboard
- global variables

WHAT? everything can be done, each thing has his own tool ( program )

do you want everything?

Pardon my english! i am mexican.

they are many tool avariable for each king of comunication
they are all used by a professional cracker, or a reverse engineer.

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WH_CALLWNDPROC(RET)  for message pump monitoring
WH_KEYBOARD(_LL) for keys
WH_MOUSE(_LL) for mouse

For disk I/O, you'ld have to hook low level device drivers.

For network traffic, you have to capture packets.
becoolnikeAuthor Commented:
i mean hook a app like msn messenger or internet explorer whereever app and get everything data that it sends and recieves.
In that case, WH_CALLWNDPROC and a sniffer will suffice.
use snifferpro 4.7 to hack the network traffic.
if you want the source code to hack the network traffic in win2k or winxp, because that need develop a ndis driver and corresponding things, 1k points has no any help. if you really want to buy the code, you can send email to me,

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if you can develop in linux or unix, you can  got somethings in GNU projects, that's free.
becoolnikeAuthor Commented:
what about using madhooks?
That's used for hooking API entry points and would be more difficult to use than SetWindowsHookEx().
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