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     I need java API for edge algorithm
Pradeep D
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deeppraAuthor Commented:
Edge detection algorithm
Check out:
Particular the Java Image Editor.

Or, better yet, checkout the JIU API:
deeppraAuthor Commented:
I didnt get any Edge detection algorithm in the above link
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look for Canny Edge Detector algorithm, it's the one and the only - it's best You'll ever find. Once I found an implementation of it:
Implementing should not be that dificult,
google for dijkstra, traversal, BFST, FST, DFST, Vertex

for visualisation you may use com.jgraph.JGraph
deeppraAuthor Commented:
ya i went to this link and i downloaded the canny source code

This code refer to another class GaussianSmoothing, where can i find this class ??

Is there any API available for edge dection so that i can use it in my project???
As I can see, You are not used to Internet a lot:
deeppraAuthor Commented:
what is the value of size parameter ???

public int [] apply_canny(int [] src_1d, int width, int height, int size,
    float theta, int lowthresh, int highthresh,
    float scale, int offset)

Tell me any samples values for this parameter ??

Thank you
size is Gaussian kernel size. Best values would be any of these: n*2+1, where n is natural (>=1), that would be 3, 5, 7, 9...

This value is the one which mostly changes what result You'll get.
deeppraAuthor Commented:
I am using the Edge detection algorithm to find the obstracles in an image for a simple robo. Can i use this algorithm for this robo??

I want to know what r the parameters in the canny and give their meaning and suggest the values for this parameter to find clearly the obstracles
Here is a sample images and values passed to function:

BTW, I had to slightly modify the code I found for it met my needs.

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