question on map

i have a question. i want to learn a feature.

please go the website >

please choose

City : Miami

State/Province: Florida

check-in: 20th july

check-out:21 july

click Find button. wait for the result. do you see a MAP at the top of the page ? How nice it is . they are showing the online free map from

exactly , i want to do that. i want to show a map with Z the location. How can i do that type of thing ?

thank you

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I assume that they already know the locations of their hotels on the mapquest map. This means that they konw the co-ordinates of the hotels. They can then overlay the location of the hotels on the map of a particular area, e.g. Miami, Florida using image maps like this.

<area shape="RECT" coords="173,122,191,142" href="" title="A Hotel" alt="A hotel here"  />  
cofactorAuthor Commented:
Sir, i am confused.

ok, what i understand from ur comment is

1. the website (i.e ) knows the hotel location in the mapquest. for example, suppose there is a Hilton Hotel exists in the MAPQUEST whose location is say "213,234,245,456" . the knows this information and they are sending a request to the mapquest server exactly with this info along with other params(as similar as mapquest use) and then they get the info from the mapquest. is this right ?

if i am right, there are two problem.

1) the biggest and biggest problem can get  the information but can not get the graphics. how they are showing the graphics ? they may get a textual information. but i am very confused how they are showing the whole image with that particular location.

2) How knows all the hotel's location which exists in the DB of the mapquest ? do they have any colllaboration ? i think they dont have such collaboration.  i have seen  many websites shows this kind of map.

anyway, whatever be the condition, it would be enough for me if i understand and be able to learn this method.
cofactorAuthor Commented:
just one mistake in my post.i have written  hotel location  co-ordinate is ("213,234,245,456") . it should be  2 co-ordinate like(x,y) . becoz 4 cordinates implies the area.
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cofactorAuthor Commented:
hi blodder,

i saw the view source and found,


  <map name="HOTELMAP">

    <!-- ICON POSITIONS -->
                              <area shape="RECT" coords="106,146,125,166" href="" title="La Quinta Inn Miami Airport North" alt="La Quinta Inn Miami Airport North"  />                              <area shape="RECT" coords="84,146,102,166" href="" title="La Quinta Inn & Suites Miami Airport West" alt="La Quinta Inn & Suites Miami Airport West"  />                              <area shape="RECT" coords="173,2,191,22" href="" title="La Quinta Inn & Suites Ft. Lauderdale Airport" alt="La Quinta Inn & Suites Ft. Lauderdale Airport"  />                              <area shape="RECT" coords="128,2,147,22" href="" title="La Quinta Inn & Suites Ft. Lauderdale Plantation" alt="La Quinta Inn & Suites Ft. Lauderdale Plantation"  />                          <!-- END ICON POSITIONS -->
    <area shape="DEFAULT"  />

i see here there are the href for hotels. these basically hotels but not the whole map .

will you please simplify the thing.
thank you
1) the biggest and biggest problem...

You can just screen-scrape if they do not have an agreement with the map provider.I would think that they have some sort of collaberation. The four points are the 4 corners of a rectangle, not the 2 co-ords of a point. I suggest that you contact mapquest to find out as the solution the use  may be completely different from what we think

The source code: this is just a simple client side image map. Go here for a good tutorial on the <map> and <area> tags and their usage.

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cofactorAuthor Commented:
my god , i did not know  that kind tag we use !

your posts are very much relevant. thats a very useful link to me. thank you. let  me investigate a bit .
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