Updating web page without pressing submit button

Hi ,please help me to implemet following :

On the web page I have a field "Server Ip" and many other fields.
When I load this page ,frst of all focus will be on this field.
User can not move to another fields.
When I fill this field ,web page will automaticly print date and time on that server(Linux machine) and other fields will be enable on the web page

How can I implement this ?
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> User can not move to another fields.
impossible (using HTML, and don't think about any malware like JavaScript 'cause it is disabled:)

  first page contains only input field and a submit button, when submit to server it returns your othet data
This needs JavaScript. I'd probably start by setting the onChange event of the input you want editing to send its content back to the server using XMLHttpRequest (probably after checking that the entered ip address was acceptable client side):


Then you can use the returned data to populate the fields (although since you aren't asking the user for input, I wouldn't use an input field to display the data).

You can look at calling the focus method of the first input in its onBlur event to attempt to lock the cursor to it.
>  This needs JavaScript.
you never ever need malware (like JavaScript) except to become vulnerable fopr malicious things ;-)
JavaScript is not malware, certain implementations have security problems which could allow malware to run on your computer - but these are usually fixed if you keep up to date with security releases (at least for Opera, Firefox, Konqueror and Safari - I haven't looked at the state of play in MSIE for a long time).

If you don't trust your browser enough to allow JavaScript to run on joe average website, then you can enable it selectively for trusted sites using either built in browser security settings or a tool like privoxy.
>  JavaScript is not malware,
ok I agree
I meant it's usage in public websites is like using malware
and no, even up to date browsers are vulnerable, currently I don't know any which cannot be tweaked to do unexpected/unwanted/malicious things (cross-site framing, cross-domain bugs, etc. etc.)

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