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I would like to know, since windows has many traces of recently used files opend and recently visited pages on the history. is there a way i can stop this from not tracking all this. and i would not like any history of any sites visites nor files opened to leave a trace on the computer for example if i open word it has auto recovery and also recently used files in its own folder under windows xp and also windows stores it under recently used files folder so there is a duplicate entry of the files opened. are there any traces left on the registry as well if i deleted the shortcuts? and is there a totaly elimination to all this that no matter wht sites i visit or wht files i open it does not leave a trace on the computer. Kindly let me know

Hitesh Dave
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Tim HolmanCommented:
Look at
This will clean up all the crap that applications leave behind!

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Hi davehitesh,

>> there a way I can stop this from not tracking all this.

No way to stop this. Windows is set to record the history.  It is not necessarily malicious. It is so that you can bring up a previous page faster.

There are various cleaners out there, but they do not get all the history.  You have to clean them out yourself.

There is no one settings that will prevent everything you are asking. However, many of the histories have a feature where you can disable them. For erxample, if you don't want anything to show in "My Recent Documents", you can open Control Panel -> Taskbar -> Start Menu -> Customize -> Advanced and then un-check "List my most recently opened documents" (this is for XP)

Not all programs have this feature to disable the history, so you will have to treat on a case by case basis.
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davehiteshAuthor Commented:
i was sugested to use Evidance Eliminator is that the best software which will eliminate all the traces and also previosly deleted files traces on the hard drive if i use the 9 times mode with random , zero , and one's method which is done 9 times and removes all the traces. is this the best software available in the market?
Evidence Eliminator deletes what is blank on the hard drive.  It is a good product, but others do similar removal of blank part of hard drive.  But it does not remove the histories that are written and had not been deleted yet.
Tim HolmanCommented:
I suggest using, and any shredding utility to clean up the blanks.
What do you want to achieve here?  There is no way to completely erase files from a PC - law enforcement agencies can use electron microscopes to retrieve files shredded even thousands of times....
Tim HolmanCommented:
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This is not the way to close a question.  You should ask in Community Support to close the question.
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