Hardware/Software Spec for first Domain Controller in new Forest

Hi All,

I am soon installing a Windows 2003 Active Directory for our company, I have done the AD courses and am pretty confident with that, one thing it did not cover, and that  I cannot find any information on suggested specifications relative to software that is to be installed on the DC etc, number of users to be serviced etc....

The server will be the Main DC for the new single domain forest.
The forest contains 1500 users
They will be using Exchange too (when we migrate from Lotus Notes)

I read somewhere that you should have your AD on a seperate disk, what else should I have on it's own disk(s)?
Also, what kind of hardware (mainly mem/processor should be sufficient?)

Many Thanks
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I would recommend 2 processors with at least 2GB of RAM - if you can afford 4GB that would be the best solution since it will give you plenty to work and scale with.  If you run hardware RAID, then creating a mirrored OS set and a RAID 5 Data set is all you need to do.  Go with 2 - 36GB for the mirrors and the largest drives you can afford (3 minimum) for the Data set.  

During the install of Server and also Exchange - select the RAID 5 set for your logs and the AD files (NTDS.DIT) - move the pagefile to the RAID 5 set also to provide a bit more performance.

Hope this helps.

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A4eITAuthor Commented:
Thanks mate, wasn't sure what to do before, have put the specs forward.
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