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I have received an sdk for the avaya ip office telephony platform, and I need to start developing an interface for the very basic functions. All the documentation relates to c or c++ . They do mntion however that Devlink.dll, (which is what applications need to link to) can be used in any language that supports dynamic link libraries. I believe that c# supports dll's, therefore that means I can access the functionality via this dll even though I'm developing in C#? All I would need to do link to it? How is this normally achived in C#. This application will eventually be a .net application by the way.
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C# is managed code where it is most likely that Devlink.dll is not managed code. You will have to tell C# how to connect to the various unmanged functions. There is a linking construct "DllImport". The following examples are from the samples Microsoft gives in the .NET distribution.

public class Win32
        public static extern void GetSystemTime(ref SystemTime sysTime);

        [DllImport("User32.dll", EntryPoint="MessageBox", CharSet=CharSet.Auto)]
        public static extern int MsgBox(int hWnd, String text, String caption, uint type);

public class TestPInvoke
        public static void Main()
              SystemTime sysTime = new SystemTime();
              Win32.GetSystemTime(ref sysTime);

              String date = String.Format("System time is: \nYear: {0}\nMonth: {1}\nDayOfWeek: {2}\nDay: {3}",

                Win32.MsgBox(0, date, "PInvoke Sample", 0);


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ramrod1979Author Commented:
Ok a bit clearer now. Can you give me a link with a few more examples and explanotary detail on how to handle\access the unmanaged code? Or should I just look up dllimport on msdn?

Many thanks
Here is a link that gives a tutorial on linking to unmanaged code:

Here is one that touches upon code with a heaping helping of data structures info (marshalling):

Of course, no tutorial collection would be complete without a word from Microsoft:

Let me know if there is something you don't understand.

ramrod1979Author Commented:
Many thanks there BillTouch. This has certainly pointed me in the right direction. The only difficulty I have now is gettig it to fit into the asp.net application I'm writing (and to fully understand the syntax and how it relates to everything else). The idea being to have a browser based outbound dialling program in which an agent logs in to the asp.net app with a user name and extension\trunk line number. Once this trunk number has been input the ip office telephony will know which extension\line to use in order to make an outbound call when the 'make call' button is pressed.

Many thanks

Thanks a lot. I haven't done much with asp. But if you run into a road bock, I can try to get you an answer.

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