iPod service uses vnc?

Hi all.

Just recently installed spyware doctor on my machine and came accross something interesting.  It found 26 "spyware" entries all listed as vnc, but is being used with the ipodservice.

Does anyone know if ipod installs vnc with its ipod service or if this has somehow found its way onto my system from elsewhere? Im pretty security savvy running nod32/outpost/process guard and run spyware/rootkit/virus scans each night, but I want to make sure because I couldnt find any info saying that ipod software installs vnc.

Anyway, Ive put a screenshot up at http://www.justonemorething.co.uk/Doc1.doc , take a look and tell me what you guys think.
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The iPodService definately does not install or use VNC.  It could be that one of spyware programs (though this would be more like a trojan since it allows someone to take over your computer) might have created a dependancy for the ipodservice so that it automatically starts VNC (unless you knew any better, you might think that this was normal behaviour).

The spyware/virus/trojan guys get sneakier all the time.
slickukAuthor Commented:
I did think of that, however why would a trojan target an application such as itunes which wouldnt necessarily be on each machine instead of something like explorer?

Also, if it has been trojan'd how do I found out what it does?  As far as I can see all there are are VNC registry entries naming "iPodService.exe", there don't seem to be any executables starting and when I run iTunes and monitor applications with process explorer I dont see anything other than iTunes running.  (also checked at this point with rootkit revealer in case it was hidden).

Process Guard also prevents/queries any unknown executables from running, so is there any way to tell if iTunes has been trojan'd for sure, and if it has not then what is VNC doing there? :/  Is VNC part of PC Anywhere?
It could also be that it' doesn't hijack itune, but that the Trojan assume that you prolly don't have iTunes installed and just renames the VNC service to iPodService.

Many people wouldn't pay it any heed.

So your iTune might be fine, but it's just that this Trojan inadvertantly messed with its registry keys.

And no, VNC isn't part of pcAnywhere...  it does basically the same thing though.

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