Securoty Setting for Profiles Directory when Usign Roaming Profiles in 2003 Server

Using 2003 Server and require to use profiles of reach user. What are the the security settin gon the "profiels" share to b eused fro storing individual profiles.
I.e. A share has been setup  \\server\profiles\%username%

Althought the "%username% should be created when the user is added. It seems a bit hit and miss on what the permissions for each users profile should be set to. I would be grateful for the desired security seetings required so that roaming profiles will work properly..

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Hi ccfcfc,

possible scenario for you:
a central "users" directory on your server, containing all "%username%" directories. NTFS access rights "Everyone: Full control" inherited from "users", but make SURE that no share access is given to "users" directory.
For each user you will have to create a new "%username%" directory (inheriting NTFS "Everyone: Full control" from above) and share it as "%username%". Now set each SHARE permissions to "Administrators: Full control" and "%username%: Change" only. (Remove all other share permissions.)

After you created all "%username%" directories you can automate share creation and its permission setting by executing this _LOCAL_ on your server, logged in as an admin:
(save lines in following section as batch on your 2003 server)
-------------------------------------- cut here (line not included) ----------------------------------------
set userRoot=E:\users
set domain=YourDomain
for /d %%i in (%userRoot%\*) do (
 call :CreateShare %%i
goto :EOF

::=========================== subroutine ============================
set name=%~n1
echo processing %name%...
rmtshare \\.\%name%=%userRoot%\%name% /GRANT Administrators:F /GRANT %domain%\%name%:C
goto :EOF
-------------------------------------- cut here (line not included) ----------------------------------------
Please set variables "userRoot" and "domain" according to your environment. (userRoot to be seen as local path on your server while executing the batch there, locally)
RMTSHARE.EXE came with NT4 Resource Kit and works for you, but may be included in W2003 RK also, didn't check it yet.
Hope this does the job for you?

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