ASP.NET copy file to UNC Network Share

I’m trying to programmatically copy a file from my web server to a UNC share on a fileserver. Both machines are Win2K and on the same Domain. I am using Integrated Windows Authentication throughout my site.

My web.config file is set up as follows:

<authentication mode="Windows" />
<identity impersonate="true" />

The code is pretty straight-forward…

Dim strFileName As String = “existingfile.pdf”
Dim strSavePath As String = “\\server\share\”
File.Copy(Server.MapPath(strFileName),strSavePath) <-- ERROR HERE

The error message is as follows:
Access to the path "\\server\share\” is denied.

My user account has domain admin rights but I assume this is more likely to be an ASPNET rights problem.

Does anyone have any code snippets or suggestions that might help?

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You need to enable delegation on your webserver,

Follow this article to the letter,;en-us;810572

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To explain your problem a little more (I had the same issue over a year ago, I troubleshooted it for a week, THEN someone told me about that article...)

Since you are using WIA, the client and server can be properly authenticated, but since a primary-authentication token never gets created on the server, it can't pass these credentials to another computer (your fileshare computer) without delegation.

If you have more questions let me know, oh I can answer them, believe me, been there done that with security!
Mat1980Author Commented:

You sir, are a star! I followed the article in the link and everything is now working perfectly.

Many thanks!!
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