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Hi there, I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction of some introductory tutorials for VB.NET programming. I've been using VB 6 for a couple of years but I'm struggling in bridging the gap between the two (possibly because I was self taught with VB 6 or maybe it's just above me at the moment who knows).  I'm pretty much after some tutorials that would help me learn as if I didn't have any previous programming experience, or pretty much anything which people may help me learn the basics.

Points will be increased and split between all who provide an appropriate tutorial.

Thanks all

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For starters, look at some upgrade considerations:

The book "Programming Visual Basic .NET version 2003" by Balena, should definitely be on your short list of books to get.

As for online tutorials, there are many. You might try this (and explore other things at the site), which I found to be good for converting from VB6 to VB.NET:

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Don't forget to check back on CodeProject as well:

And here's the Windows Forms FAQ which will also prove valuable:

Cheers & HTH,
I would also recommend this site, I still use it and its very cheap. He covers everything from beginner stuff to .NET Remoting and Threading


Here is where I found good examples for getting started in VB.Net
I like to see to the code and watch it work. I learn faster that way.


Link for ASP programs... 
ShelfieldCollegeAuthor Commented:
Points increased and split between parties, thanks all for your comments and helpful tutorials, as always it's greatly appreciated :)


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