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Over the weekend we have recovered our exchange 2003 server as one of the h/d's failed.  Everything seemed fine on sunday evening with email flowing both internally and externally.  However this morning when users have started to log in some user are not receiving emails and the Local Store is queing up loads of emails.  This problem doesnt exist for all users so were unsure of what the problem is.  The following error message is logged in the application log on the mail server;-  (we've turned all logging onto maximum for the TransportAgent)

Event Type:      Warning
Event Source:      MSExchangeTransport
Event Category:      Exchange Store Driver
Event ID:      327
Date:            04/07/2005
Time:            15:54:27
User:            N/A
Computer:      GINTOSERVER1
The following call : EcLocallyDeliverMsg to the store failed. Error code : -2147221240 (Message-ID <>). MDB : 004afcf0-5af0-4ec5-89d2-de9124ce0cf4. FID : 1-2F. MID : 1-30092F. File : .

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We have run defragment and integrity checks against the store and these did not throw back any problems.  For one user we deleted the mailbox (after exporting all there emails!) and then recreated it and this seemed to fix it.  However there are a lot of users we would have to do this to so are looking for other options?.....

Thanks in advance
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i found this is for 2000 but applies to ur case .....

You've done exactly the correct thing in terms of troubleshooting and solution. I've seen this issue several times and the only solution I've found is to do as you've have done. You need to recreate those mailboxes. One thing you could try is to move a problem mailbox to a new store and see if the problem "moves" away.

Most likely you don't need to recreate all mailboxes, only a few if you're lucky. Those events should reference an .eml file, open that file in notepad and you'll find the recipient, he's having an issue with his mailbox. Recreate that mailbox and continue checking the application log.

euskillsAuthor Commented:

Luckily it seems there is only a few people who this affects.  The emails in the queue had these people in the recipient list so it looked like there were many more affected people than there actually was.  

The strange thing was the directory (D:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\Mailroot\vsi 1\Queue) only contained about 30% of the emails that were in the queue, the others did not have a coresponding .eml file.  

Anyways looks like we've found how to fix the problem, just wished I knew what had caused it......


Hello again,

There are some things you can't protect yourself against, in this case you found a rather nice solution anyway, it could have been worse. I've seen this problem before and I've solved it exactly as you did. In that case the server crashed and restarted, everything went up fine but this problem occured after that. So the databases was somehow damaged but eseutil or isinteg couldn't do or reported anything.


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