use vars qw( $q $db $html

Hi experts,
I have q few scripts that all need the variables declared with use vars qw( $q $db $html ..........

Now since the variables are more than 300 and all the scripts use the same variables I just wnated to save all the variables in a file and then call the file directly from each script something like:

foreach $line (@filewithvariables) {
print "use vars qw( $line)";

so that I do not have to waste 300 lines in any script.

Do you have any suggestions?

thanks for your time
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use declatations;

where contains

use vars qw( $q $db $html);
rcinformaticaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the answer, but  I get the message

Global symbol "$database" requires explicit package name at /var/  ..... and the same for all the other variables

I need the use stricts for variables

any clue?

I can't help but think that "300 variables" all declared out globally
is very big indication of a poor design.

Perhaps you really want

  do '';

instead of  use declarations;
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# or
require '';
rcinformaticaAuthor Commented:
still getting the same error,

 I agree with you about the poor design, those variables are language translation to make the script multilanguage
# quick&dirty:
use vars qw( $::q $::db $::html);
rcinformaticaAuthor Commented:
sorry I don 't understand use vars qw( $::q $::db $::html);

maybe I did not make myself clear enough, this is what I need to have in each file:

use CGI;
use strict;
use vars qw(

and I would lke not to have all 300 lines written in each file

BEGIN { require 'declarations_file'; }

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rcinformaticaAuthor Commented:
thanks guys it works now

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