Editing a text file

Hi Experts,

All I want is some simple code that will open an existing text document ("C:\Text.txt") and add 3 lines of code into the text document at line 2;

Thanks Alot,


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Hi TommyTwoPints,

try this:

   Public Sub InsertText(ByVal strTextFile_FullPath As String, ByVal strInsertText As String, ByVal intAfterLine As Integer)
         Dim sr As New System.IO.StreamReader(strTextFile_FullPath)
         Dim sb As New System.Text.StringBuilder
         Dim intCurrentLine As Integer = 0

         'Read in all lines until hitting the one we want to insert after
         While sr.Peek > 0 AndAlso intCurrentLine < intAfterLine
            sb.Append(sr.ReadLine & ControlChars.NewLine)
            intCurrentLine += 1
         End While

         'Now insert the text that has been passed
         sb.Append(strInsertText & ControlChars.NewLine)

         'Add whatever's left in the text-file

         'Dispose of the stream-reader

         'In order to write back, we'll need to overwrite the file, so simply delete it here

         'Create a stream-writer for writing back to the file
         Dim sw As New System.IO.StreamWriter(strTextFile_FullPath)

         'Dispose of the stream-writer - this will also flush the file to disk

      Catch ex As Exception
      End Try
   End Sub

Cheers & HTH,

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Fernando SotoRetiredCommented:
Hi TommyTwoPints;
Hope this meets your needs.

Dim fileText As String = "C:\Temp\Text.txt"      ' File to edit
Dim fileTemp As String = "C:\Temp\Temp.txt"  ' Temp file write new info to
Dim sr As New StreamReader(fileText)             ' Open the input file
Dim sw As New StreamWriter(fileTemp)            ' Open the temp file
Dim input As String                                        ' Holds input files read info
Dim index As Integer = 1                                ' Used to fine line 2

input = sr.ReadLine()                                     ' Read a line of input
While Not input = Nothing
    If index = 2 Then                                      ' If at line 2 add info
    sw.Write("Export=," & NewLine & "CEPX," & NewLine & "c=test.asc" & NewLine)
    End If
    sw.WriteLine(input)                                   ' Write data to output file
    input = sr.ReadLine()                                ' Get the next line of data
    index += 1                                              ' Add 1 to line number
End While

sr.Close()                                                   ' Close input file
sw.Close()                                                  ' Close output file

File.Delete(fileText)                                     ' Delete original file
File.Move(fileTemp, fileText)                        ' Rename Temp.txt to Text.txt

Good luck
Fernando SotoRetiredCommented:
Sorry make sure you add the following imports.

Imports System.IO
Imports System.Environment
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