ECS K7S5A not Picking up amd athlon xp 1900+ correctly

Recently upgraded my CPU from 1100 duron to athlon XP1900+   . Initially it was picked up as an athlon 1200, i upgraded the bios, upgraded my memory from sdram to ddr ram pc2100 133mhz, and in the bios changed the settings from 100/100 to 133/133. That does work and the cpu is picked up correctly by the motherboard, however the boot process never finishes, it stops approximately halfway through, meaning i have to reboot, and change the settings back to 100/100 and that reads my cpu as an athlon 1200.

My system
ECS K7S5A motherboard
512mb of DDR pc2100 133 Ram
Radeon 9200SE 128mb AGP
120gig hd
60gig hd

I dont understand why my pc wont pick up the cpu as what it is?
thanks for any help
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Do you get any error messages and/or beeps when the computer freezes?

Do you know the BIOS version you have now? What core does the new CPU have (e.g. Palomino or Thoroughbred)?

Does it make a difference if you take out 1 stick of RAM (so run it with only 1 stick installed)?

Could it be that your power supply can't supply enough current for the new CPU running at full speed? What's the maximum current on the various rails?

Have a look at items 13 and 14 on this page:

Joe_CurryAuthor Commented:
ok Bios Version is 30811 taken from ECS website, core is a  palamino core. i only have one stivck of ram in at the moment, (no i havent done a memory test, wasnt sure how to do it or which one to use).

Power supply is a possibilty, i dont know how to test the current on the rails, sorry.

And i have used silicon heat paste....what temp should my cpu be running at?

thanks for the answers
What version of the K7S5A do you have (1.X, 3.X, or Pro)? The BIOS version suggests the Pro (or 3.X?), is that correct?

For some reason, this board is not on AMD's list of approved motherboards for this CPU. ECS shows the K7S5A (1.X and 3.1A revisions, not the Pro for some reason) and K7S5A2 in this table:

This CPU's OPN is AX2100DMT3C, and its operating specifications are as follows: nominal speed is 1733MHz (13 x 133), max. FSB is 266MHz (2 x 133 really), CPU multiplier is 13, core voltage is 1.75V, and the maximum die temperature is 90 degrees Celcius (pretty hot). It should get nowhere near that hot during normal operation (probably somewhere around 40 to at the most ~60), or something is not cooling right.

Your power supply should have a label on it detailing what the maximum currents are on the various rails (+12V, +5V, +3.3V, -5V, -12V). Most important in this case is the +12V current. Cheaper power supplies have a tendency of being rather optimistic with advertised power ratings.

Since others have reported power supply ralated issues with this very board, plus the fact that AMD hasn't blessed this motherboard for your CPU, I'm theorizing that the board might not have the best voltage regulation, which I'm sure is a bigger problem for some CPU's than it is for others (most likely the newer, the more sensitive). Also the newer CPU needs more power, and placing a higher load on the PSU can aggrevate the situation as well. Actually I believe something was mentioned in that FAQ I linked to about ways to up the voltage somehow.

At this point I would suggest to try another power supply which may or may not help; if you have one available from another computer for testing, that might tell you if this would fix the problem. But since this looks to be a critical factor, I strongly suggest getting a good quality, brand name power supply. It doesn't have to have stellar maximum capacity, I'd say with this setup 300W+ ought to do it, if it's an honest power rating - 350W and up should definately be enough. See if you can get one that can deliver ~15 amps at least on the +12V rail. Maybe, just maybe, it might even help to temporarily disconnect 1 (or both) of the hard drives since they also draw some power on that same +12V rail.

I'm sorry I can't give you a cut and dry, surefire answer. It is a good sign that you've reported that the CPU does correctly get recognized by the BIOS. Speaking of which, does the computer always freeze at the exact same point? When exactly is that? Are there any error messages or other (unusual) output, or beeps, at that point?


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Joe_CurryAuthor Commented:
Antons answer was brilliant thank you i will probably be loking to upgrade again soon so no point fiddling around with just a new psu.
Yes, it does freeze at the same point now, just after the AVG has run whilst booting and before it gets to the desktop screen.

Thank you for all the help its much appreciated
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