Why does trend Silent install fail?

I am rolling out Trend micro Office Scan using a silent install.
It runs fine on PC that have had no AV on them. But when it is loaded on a PC that has had a previous version of another AV on it the file runs but fails to install.
Can any one tell me why this happens or if there is an install log file I can look at to resolve this.


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what was your other AV ? was it 100% removed?
jeremypembertonAuthor Commented:
The most common one I am replacing is AVG. I have tried allowing Trend to uninstall it and also manually tried neither seems to work.

Try something then.

Get regcleaner (here's one place to get it http://www.um.es/ftp/freeware/utilidades/ )
Install it on a puter which has had AVG on it.
See if there are any traces of AVG left.

If so remove them with the program and try the install again.
If it works you pinned down the problem.
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One area to check is this:  It could be that the previous version was installed as shared component, and its counter has not reached zero.  You could also have changed the counter values if you ran the prior versions to debug them.
jeremypembertonAuthor Commented:
I have found out that if you renmame vsapi32.dll temporarily then install the Trend office scan client. it installs without a hitch. Rename the file back and it causes no problems. Any one know what this file does?


>>Any one know what this file does?
It screws up the silent install
But seriously...

It's the scan engine

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jeremypembertonAuthor Commented:
But this is a machine on which trend hasn't been installed.... But did have AVG on it
Virus Scanning Application Program Interface 32 bit

Doesn't matter which AV.
Tim HolmanCommented:
The silent install is NOT designed to go over the top of existing AV installs - you need to script the removal of the old ones first (ie logon script).
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