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I need to program a small and simple ActiveX component that will run on IE clients. The component will be hosted in an Apache server that will also store an Access 2000 database that the component will query and update.

I've never worked with an Access database over internet before, I know there are better options for this, but for now I need to use Access.

So tell me:
how can I make the conection to a database stored on a web server so the ActiveX component can use it?
Can I use only the MS ADO Recordset Lib 2.7?

Thank you!
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I don't think you can do that... access an database over internet.... only if the database can be accessed like this: http://myserver/db.mdb and the server allows writing, and this is a very unsecure method. I'll recommend you to use an asp or php web page that will update / query database. No dll's or ocx's requiered, the application runs on server and the client sees only what you allow him to see: html pages with some scripts. If you are unfamiliar with php try asp then, it looks very much like vb and it's easier to work with. I migrated a small app (written in vb) on asp in few days, and with a lot of copy / paste.
rettiseertAuthor Commented:
Hi, thank you for your suggestions, I agree with you, php is a better solution, but the problem here is that the database is already made on Access with some forms and reports, and now they want to let users to add records and run simple querys from Internet, preserving all the existent functionalitty, thats why I need to use Access.

This is a very small database (< 20 mb) and there will be a maximum of two users accessing it at the same time.

There is no other way than accessing it through http://myserver/db.mdb?
Opening the database that way does not mean that the entire file will be downloaded? or all the updates will be made directly to the server?
If you just open the database clicking on the link it will download the db on client machine. If you use an exe file that updates the database ("update bla lba set x=y where...") or query database then it will not be downloaded. But for the second choice the database needs to be public or accesible via an https:// that requieres authentification. And not to mention that significant ammount of data will be transfered betwen the server and the database - since the code is running on the client's machine I still think the best sollution is an asp/php.... or maybe an windows 2003 server with remote desktop connection.
Hi, rettiseert.

My experience with accessing an MS Access database using ADO is that the db must be mapped to from the machine that is trying to read/write files from/to the database. That works fine for shared network machines, but when I tried to house a test Access db in my Tripod account, I found no way to interact with the database until I tried the trial version of "Internet Neighborhood" (I believe that's what it was called).

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rettiseertAuthor Commented:
Hi edwardiii, I coud not open acces db usind ado either, even using xess_dsc suggestion and I guess is not possible so your anwser should be right.

I'm about to finish this project using php/mysql

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