How to make a web language?


How can I make a language like PHP which can be used for Web Applications.. does it differs if it is for Linux or Windows?

Can you guide me please.. and how does the commands executed on the server? are they compiled using a special compiler for PHP?? to which language is it translated?

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raladinAuthor Commented:
And please also explain how to make a language which is translated into C++.. I'm totally new to this field.
So you want to make a web language, that would be server side, but do not know any programming ? I think that you want to tackle something too big for your current knowledge.

About PHP, thee syntax is not different from Windows, Mac or Unix/Linux. It is not a compiled language, but interpreted language. Which means that it is sent to the PHP Interpreter, and the output is sent to the browser on the fly. Each time you re-load the page, it is read, and interpreted by the server side, then sent to the browser.

There is no special compiler, and as indicated above, all you need is the PHP Interpreter. You can find it for free on the web. If you would like to learn PHP, there are a lot of ressources about it on the web.

About the explanations to translate to C++, I'm not too sure I understand where you are going with this. If you want to know how to create a compiled language, then you would need to program a compiler, that would read the basic imput that you write, and change it to binary, so the computer can understand.
raladinAuthor Commented:
I know PHP and C++.. but what I mean is how to make them?

How can I make a language like PHP?

And how can I make a translated version (Arabic) of C++?

Like to translate all identifiers and and keywords (cout, if, ...) then what to do after translation??
I know that PHP was written in C++. The source code is available from the website, so if you would like to try to modify PHP, and make the traductions in Arabic, you might be able to pull it off.

C++, I'm not really sure in which language it was compiled. I think it would be in Assembly, or other low level code. I heard about people creating C and C++ compiler out of C++. Another guy was advertising on the web (I seen this on slashdot) that he would create a C++ Compiler written in PERL. So I guess that you could write it in multiple languages.. It would be a huge project tough..

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If you want to write a programming language of any type you need to know about grammars, scanners, parsers and the like. The best reference on this is "Compilers: Principles, Techniques and Tools", by Alfred V. Aho, Ravi Sethi, and Jeffrey D. Ullman (Addison-Wesley 1986; ISBN 0-201-10088-6). Of course there is always free information available on the internet if you search.
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