Access First() function replication


Imagine a simple table where users enter timesheet information

Field                  DataType
------                 ------------
Name                 char
Project              char
Skill                   char
TimesheetDate   datetime
TimesheetVal     int

This is simplified however, imagine a user enters the amount of time they have spent working in a month on a particular skill type, on a particular project:

Name        Project            Skill          TimesheetDate         TimesheetVal
Stephen    Project A         Developer  1/1/2005                  2
Stephen    Project A         Developer  2/1/2005                  3

The above states that Stephen spent 2 hours on the 1/1/2005 working on project A as a Developer, and 3 hours on Project A, on the 2/1/2005 also as a developer.

It is fairly straight forward to create an aggregate for the year which gives  a total number of hours worked against a project, for each user and skill.

However, the problem lies in the fact that occasionally a user may switch between two skill types to book their time against:

Name        Project            Skill             TimesheetDate         TimesheetVal
Stephen    Project A         Developer      1/1/2005                  2
Stephen    Project A         Developer      2/1/2005                  3
Stephen    Project A         Project Lead   2/1/2005                  3

In the aggregrate however, I dont want two rows of data for Stephen, I only want one.  If I create a Group By clause on the Skill, I will get two rows of data as their is now two skills.  What I used to do in Access is use the first function to retrieve the first skill type for an individual that it finds, and use that.

i.e. what I want is:

Name       Project            Skill             Year                       Total Hours Worked
Stephen   Project A         Developer    2005                       8

I am thinking down the lines of Top, or Coalesce but am completely new to SQl Server 2000.  Any ideas?



Stephen Mackenzie

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please try

select Name, Project, (select top 1 Skill from <YourTable> where Name = A.Name and Project = A.Project order by TimeSheetDate) as Skill
[Year], tot as [Total Hours Worked]
from (
    select Name, Project, Year(TimesheetDate) as [Year],
    sum(TimesheetVal) as tot
    from <YourTable>
    group by     select Name, Project, Year(TimesheetDate)
) A
Maybe it's not an implementation of Access' First() function but I use Min or Max in similar cases.

   Year(TimesheetDate) as [Year],
   SUM(TimesheetVal) as [Total Hours Worked]
group by    

SELECT a.[Name], a.Project, ( select top 1 b.skill from tableName as b where a.Name = and a.project = b.project ) As Skill, Year(a.TimesheetDate) as [Year],  SUM(a.TimesheetVal) as [Total Hours Worked]
from tableName a
group by a.[Name], a.Project, Year(a.TimesheetDate)

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Thanks everyone!
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