Create Exchange 2003 mailbox

I am working on an app to simplify and standardize domain account creation and deletion.  I am using ADSI to create and delete domain accounts, change passwords, etc.  However, I want to be able to create mailboxes for the users too.  I have looked all over the web and found numerous articles that are similar, but haven't found the jackpot yet.

The problem occurs on the createmailbox line.  I get the following error:
Run-time error '438':
Object doesn't support this property or method

Can someone please help?


I am using the following:

ADSICreateMailBoxEnabledUser "Mailbox Store (EXCHANGE2003)", "First Storage Group", "EXchange2003", _
                           "First Administrative Group", "ABC Company", "", _
                           "testuser6", "Test", "User6"

Sub ADSICreateMailBoxEnabledUser _
  (MDBName, storageGroup, Server, adminGroup, Organization, DomainName, emailname, firstName, lastName)

'split the domain name to get the directory name for it
domainDN = "dc=" & Replace(DomainName, ".", ",dc=")

recip = "CN=" & emailname

' get the container
Set objContainer = GetObject("LDAP://CN=users," & domainDN)

' create a recipient
Set objUser = objContainer.Create("User", recip)
objUser.Put "samAccountName", emailname
objUser.Put "sn", lastName
objUser.Put "givenName", firstName
objUser.Put "userPrincipalName", emailname

objUser.SetPassword "12345"
objUser.AccountDisabled = False

Set objMailbox = objUser

                objMailbox.CreateMailbox "LDAP://CN=" & MDBName & _
                               ",CN=" & storageGroup & _
                               ",CN=InformationStore" & _
                               ",CN=" & Server & _
                               ",CN=Servers" & _
                               ",CN=" & adminGroup & _
                               ",CN=Administrative Groups" & _
                               ",CN=" & Organization & _
                               ",CN=Microsoft Exchange,CN=Services" & _
                               ",CN=Configuration," & domainDN


End Sub
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Disregard, that is for setting up accounts a local machine...
myeritAuthor Commented:

That may be true, however, it seems from the articles I am finding that it is possible.  I believe I am simply doing something wrong.

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jimbobmcgeeCommented: has an example.  Why have you chosen to set objMailbox = objUser.  I think you may be better off with just objUser.CreateMailbox...

If you haven't done so already, I would start by inspecting the values of your variables:

debug.print MDBName
debug.print storageGroup
debug.print Server
debug.print adminGroup
debug.print Organization
debug.print domainDN

Do the debug.prints just before the CreateMailbox code.

Your code seems to mimick the example on this page:

Which has the objMailbox = objUser


myeritAuthor Commented:
Using objuser.createmailbox raises the same error.
myeritAuthor Commented:
Right, this code snippet is all over the web.  I am attempting to make it work, but with no luck.
Hmmmm....are you variables properly populated?

myeritAuthor Commented:
As best I can tell, they are all correct.

I believe the problem is rather related to not having a reference included because the method is not being recognized.
Duh, I just saw the call:

ADSICreateMailBoxEnabledUser "Mailbox Store (EXCHANGE2003)", "First Storage Group", "EXchange2003", _
                           "First Administrative Group", "ABC Company", "", _
                           "testuser6", "Test", "User6"

So, your variables are being set properly.  I am suprised that data types are not declared, but this is VBS and I mostly do VB.

In VB, the sub could be declared as:

Sub ADSICreateMailBoxEnabledUser _
  (MDBName as String, storageGroup as String, Server as String, adminGroup as String, Organization as String, DomainName as String, emailname as String, firstName as String, lastName as String)

If you are not seeing the method, then maybe the requisite libraries are not loaded.  Must you have Exchange installed on the pc attempting to execute this code?

myeritAuthor Commented:
I agree.  The question is, what libraries should be loaded.

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myeritAuthor Commented:

I am still working on this.  So far no luck.

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