Physical memory dump error while searching Registry for any keys

I am running Windows XP Professional, IE 6 SP1 on my desktop.  Recently i had a problem with one spyware toolbar called "AZE Search", and it had created a lot of keys in the registry.  This hapened a couple of months back, and i hardly remember the keys that i deleted.  I browsed some online forums for this job.  While i was successfull in stopping the spyware from reappearing, i cudn't remove the AZE Search bar entry from the IE toolbars list. And, when i search for some registry entries for any other purpose, the Phsical Memory Dump error occurs.  I am not sure of which log file i am supposed to refer for this.  So, i request the experts here to provide these solutions:

1) To post details of removing AZE Search
2) Enlighten me with the registry key that causes this Physical Dump error.
or Is there a way to repair the existing registry setup, as i don't want to restor back to an older restore-point.

I would be grateful to those who provide me with suggestions.

Thanks in advance,
Prakash Srivatsan
S/W QA Engineer, India
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Have you tried running chkdsk on your hard drive?  It sounds to me that some registry files have become corrupted...

I found this page on removing AZE Search (a quotation from the page is below it):𛜍

Today, aze search toolbar was itself installed n my pc.
It monitors your internet activitiy and looks like a search bar. (Google etc)
Also it attempts to redirect several search Web sites like google, msn and so on.

I searched in my computer, finding all files which have been created the last 1 day.

I found some of them and I deleted it in safe mode.


Moreover, delete all registry keys  by searcing in registry the terms

Then restart your PC.
Here's another very complete page on what the AZE search does to the computer, and how to remove it:
prakash_vatsanAuthor Commented:
Hi Lee,

   After posting here, i just downloaded HijackThis and completely got rid of AZESearch and the troubling registry keys. Once again, i tried searching the Registry entries for a key value, and the Physical Memory Dump error REGISTRY_ERROR 0x00000051 is still open.  I have noted down the Error codes and will post it here in a couple of hours.  

   My first priority is to resolve the Physical Memory Dump error.  I have been browsing all possible sites including Microsoft's support. I hardly found any thing of use related to XP Professional SP1 over there.

Thanks in advance,
Prakash Srivatsan
S/W QA Engineer, India
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prakash_vatsanAuthor Commented:
Hi Lee,

  By the way, thanks for the solution you posted for AZESearch..

Thanks in advance,
Prakash Srivatsan
S/W QA Engineer, India
prakash_vatsanAuthor Commented:
This is the error code for the above mentioned problem.

REGISTRY_ERROR 0x00000051 (0x00000004 , 0x00000001 , 0xE17079E0 , 0x000039B0)


REGISTRY_ERROR 0x00000051 (0x00000004 , 0x00000001 , 0xE29B5AB8, 0x000039B0)

I don't find a proper solution for the error code w.r.t Windows XP.

Thanks in advance,
Prakash Srivatsan
S/W QA Engineer, India
Take a look at the following web page,

which is presented using frames.  Click on the error code (51) in the left pane of the page, which is a link to the following quotation:

0x00000051: REGISTRY_ERROR
(Click to consult the online MSDN article.)
This indicates a Registry or Configuration Manager problem. An I/O error may have occurred while the Registry was trying to read one of its files (caused by hardware or file system problems). This message might also appear due to a memory management error (more common in earlier versions of Windows NT).
How to Troubleshoot a “STOP 0x00000051 REGISTRY ERROR” Error Message {KB 282501} Win 2000
You Receive a “Stop 0x51 (REGISTRY_ERROR)” Error Message {KB 321771} Win 2000
“Stop 0x00000051 REGISTRY_ERROR” Error Message When You Log On {KB 810558} Win 2000 SP3 (during logon or Registry backup)
Windows NT 4.0 Setup Troubleshooting Guide {KB 126690} NT 4 (Recommendations for the current error message are buried down inside this article, which isn’t necessarily limited to NT 4.)

You should go to the actual page in order to read the links given in the quotation above.

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prakash_vatsanAuthor Commented:
Hi Lee,

    That was really helpful in understanding the real problem.  

#  I appreciate your solution for AZE bar, and now i have no traces of it, after following the info given in one of the sites you posted.

#  Regarding the Physical Memory Dump error, i realised that the only way to stop it from happening is to repair registry with the Emergency Repair Disk.  Though i couldn't get a direct solution from any search, i managed to get an idea from the last reply posted by you.  Hence, i accept your last comment as a solution and give you the points you deserved, with pleasure.

Thanks for all the efforts you took on behalf of me.

Prakash Srivatsan
S/W QA Engineer, India
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