Get column details (specifically identity fields) from SQL server schema

Hi there,

I am developing a script to automatically discover the schema information for a SQL server table, then generate an insert command on the fly.

I have one problem though - the script will work fine if the key (assuming there is one numeric key field) is an auto-incrementing identity, but will not work if it is a normal int and requires me to specify the value.

I can get around this easily enough, but only if I KNOW what type of field it is first.

So far I am getting the following information about the table:

SELECT             column_name,
                ISNULL(character_maximum_length,0) AS max_length,
FROM            information_schema.columns
WHERE            table_name = 'mytablename'
ORDER BY      ordinal_position

I have been searching through the schema for ages and cannot find anything that tells me whether a field is an identity seed or not.

Can anyone help?
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use sp_columns tableName
The column TYPE_NAME will tell you whether the column is identity.
For details refer sp_columns sp code in SQL Server

select Status, * from syscolumns where id = (select id from sysobjects where name = 'Authors')

Status value of 128 means that the column is identity.

Avoid the system tables unless you have too.  Use the built in property functions:

SELECT COLUMNPROPERTY( OBJECT_ID('yourtablename'),'yourcolumnName','IsIdentity')

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DotSPFAuthor Commented:
cheers guys, liked the last one best I'm afraid!

for reference, here is my final query

SELECT             *,(SELECT COLUMNPROPERTY(OBJECT_ID('mytable'),column_name,'IsIdentity')) AS is_identity
FROM            (
                SELECT             column_name,
                                     ISNULL(character_maximum_length,0) AS max_length,
                FROM            information_schema.columns
                WHERE             table_name = 'mytable'
                ) DERIVED
ORDER BY ordinal_position
Looks good mate!
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