Turning an old PC into a Linux Firewall?

Hello -

I have old PC and I want to turn it into a Linux firewall using SUSE. First, I need step-by-step instructions because that how I learn more. Second of all, does it matter what distro or can I use SUSE? Because thats all I have right now are the SUSE CDs. It wil act as a firewall (If possible) to protect a Windows 2000 box.

People will say how come I dont use FreeBSD, because Linux for me is much easier to install on a PC....esp. SUSE.

Please help
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I use iptables for firewalling/NAT routing.  Works great for me.  Runs on just about any current distro.  (My original IPTables config was used on Red Hat 7.3 and I later used it in Knoppix and am currently using it on Debian Sarge (pre-"Stable" release).

Frankly, I'd download knoppix and use that with a floppy disk or something.  No need for the system to have a hard disk.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Heck you could customize the knoppix CD and never have to worry about corruption or hacking.
if you just want a firewall you better get one of the dozents light-weight distros rather than SuSE (no t saying that SuSE is bad)
all you finaly need for the firewall is iptables, probabla squid, syslog-ng (snort if you want to know what might be happen:)

Please tell us what are the requirements ...
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I'll have to agree with everyone else.  Using something like knoppix eases administration and rules can be saved to a floppy, CD, or thumbdrive.  However, if you really want to use SuSE and you can get it installed, here are a few howtos.

<A HREF="http://www.iptables.org/documentation/index.html#documentation-howto">IPTABLES HOWTO</A>

<A REF="http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/linag2/chapter/ch09.html#X-087-2-FIREWALL.FUTURE">Samples from O'Reilly</A>

When you really get bored and want to learn How-TO, check out the Gentoo distro.  there is plenty of support in their forums.  

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Guess that answers MY EE forums question too...
Out of curiosity I also just booted up the RedWall distro on m laptop.  It looks like it has a very comprehensive set of tools to do anything you'd want with a firewall and it has a web based interface to configure everything.   This might be another option over a hard drive based system.  There is even an option to make it a harddrive based install.  Go Figure

Take care and best wishes on getting that firewall secured.  You're taking the right steps to help make the net a safer place!

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