Dynamically Create RSS Feed

I have read the following article


and feel I have an understanding of how to create a dynamic RSS feed.

My question is how could I get this to run say every day at midday so it updated my Feed with the latest info.
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Windows has Task Scheduler
UNIX and UNIX-like systems (including Linux) have Cron (read the man page for crontab)

Usually, however, feeds are updated by the content management system when the content is updated rather then on a timer.

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I agree with dorward, blog software automatically updates the feed everytime a new article is posted, and then the RSS Reader has a certain frequency (usually an hour or so) that it checks a feed to see if anything new has been posted
tclgbAuthor Commented:
Can anyone point me in the direction or give me some advice on how CMS systems do this as that would be Ideal the example needs to be a .Net Example.
They create the RSS feed exactly like they would create an index page or recent changes page - just with a slightly different output format.

As you update your website content, your feeds are instantly refreshed, and your syndicated network of visitors immediately begins to see the current information.
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