Get document from current doc key field


I have a form (document A) that has a field called "WebCompanyNumber".  I have another form (document B) called "CompanyProfile" that also has the same field: WebCompanyNumber.  These documents do not have a Parent/Child relationship.

The company profiles have unique values in the WebCompanyNumber.  When a user is in document B, I want the user to click a button to display the company profile, based on the value in document B.  I have a view that has docs from document A and the first column is WebCompanyNumber (hidden).  Both documents A & B are imported from another non-Notes application, so I cannot grab the docUNID to make this easier.

I have created the following code, but is not working.  I get a error "object variable not set" and debugger goes on the following line:
Set dc=view.GetAllDocumentsByKey(Cstr(curdoc.WebCompanyNumber(0)),True)

Here is my code:
Sub Click(Source As Button)
      Dim ws As New NotesUIWorkspace
      Dim uidoc As NotesUIDocument
      Dim curdoc As NotesDocument
      Dim session As New NotesSession
      Dim db As  NotesDatabase
      Dim view As NotesView
      Dim doc As NotesDocument
      Dim dc As NotesDocumentCollection
      Set uidoc=ws.CurrentDocument
      Set curdoc=uidoc.document
      Set db=session.CurrentDatabase
      Set view=db.GetView("(CompanyAll)")
      'This gets the documents with the same WebCompanyNumber
      Set dc=view.GetAllDocumentsByKey(Cstr(curdoc.WebCompanyNumber(0)),True)
      Set doc=dc.GetFirstDocument

      'Open the company profile document that matches the WebCompanyNumber      
      If Not doc Is Nothing Then
            Set uidoc = ws.EditDocument(False,doc)
      End If
End Sub
Thanks in advance,
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ZvonkoSystems architectCommented:
Are you sure that those first column in the View "(CompanyAll)" is Sorted?

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ZvonkoSystems architectCommented:
Also show the value of curdoc.WebCompanyNumber(0) in the status bar by a Print statement.
I supose that value is empty and you should use FieldGetText()
AliciaVeeAuthor Commented:

You are right -- I did not have the column in the view sorted.  So I did that, and it worked! DUH!!

I was also trying this code below, but it wasing working either -- thinking, gosh, it is so much simpler than my LotusScript -- what could be wrong?  Sorted column!.  Didn't know that (I must have missed it in the post).

@Command([FileOpenDatabase]; server : database  ; viewName ; key ; "1");
@Command( [EditDocument] ; "0");
@Command([FileOpenDatabase]; server : database  ; viewName ; key ; "0");

Works great now!
Thanks a bunch,
AliciaVeeAuthor Commented:
I should probably add the code I used, just in case someone else needs it - as I changed it a bit to look to the current database:

Initiated from a button on the form:

key := WebCompanyNumber;
@Command([FileOpenDatabase]; ""; "(CompanyNumberSort)"; key; "1");
@Command([FileOpenDatabase]; ""; "(CompanyNumberSort)"; key; "0");

WebCompanyNumber is a field in the current document, where the [View Company Profile] is located.
ZvonkoSystems architectCommented:
Thanks for the feedback AliciaVee.
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