Drop Internet-Connections

I hope anybody out there can assist me with the following weird problem.

Often I download big files overnight. With my 'old' pc (I have a new one since two weeks), this was never a problem.
I was connected to Internet for days.
Having 2 pc's I installed a router. It was fairly straightforward job, the router is very userfriendly and all the things
I needed to change, fill in, I got from my ISP
Everything works fine.

However, I've come to notice that the connection drops at regular intervals. This is after an hour or more and
sofar happens when I am not around...
Sometimes, switching the router off and on, solved the problem. Not this morning ...

I tried out everything, but in the end, I took out the router and connected directly to my ADSL-modem (as before).

Things went fine and I went out.
After I got back after an hour or two  I  noticed that the connection dropped again. It said something about not finding DNS or so.

When looking at the properties of LAN, it says 'connected', so my guess is it isn't the router that is causing the problem.

Am using:
Marvell Yukon 88E8053 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller.

Controller-hardware settings:
802.1p Support: Off
FlowControl: On
Hardware Checksumming: On
Interrupt Moderation: On
Log Status Messages: Status Messages
Max IRQ per Sec: 5000
Maximum Frame Size: 1514
MediaType: Auto-Sense (Options: 10Mbps Half Duplex/10Mbps Full Duplex/100Mbps
Half Duplex/100Mbps Full Duplex)
Network Address: blanc (tagged: not available)
Number of Receive Buffers: 256 default (max=512)
Number of Transmit Buffers: 256 default (max=512)
TCP Segmentation: disabled
Wake From Shutdown: Off
Wake Up Capabilities: Magic Pattern and Pattern Match

Windows XP-SP2

One way or the other it looks as if it has something to do with inactivity of the pc.
(this is just a wild guess though).

Somewhere on the Internet I read about setting 10Mbps half duplex (?) but I donot know in what
context and whether this serves any purpose in my case...

This I think is a difficult problem.

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>Somewhere on the Internet I read about setting 10Mbps half duplex (?) but I donot know in what
context and whether this serves any purpose in my case...

I don't think that in your situation it is a viable issue. You are set to auto-negotiate as it should be.
>MediaType: Auto-Sense

What kind of router do you have?
Since your broadband connection is DSL, you might need to adjust the MTU size on the router. Default is 1500, but DSL might need you to put down to 1492 or even all the way to 1400 to allow for extra overhead of PPPoE.
Else, you can adjust the MTU on the PC and see if that makes a difference.. use DrTCP utility to change it..

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wulffraAuthor Commented:
I am using a Draytek 2200E-Plus which is a very fine router and very often used here.
Will check the MTU size, as far as I know it is set to 1492.
Come to notice: I have been watching tv for 2,5 hrs and the line (not via router) did not drop...
Nonetheless, I'll check tomorow this DrTCP utility . will keep the line on over the night. see whether it drops.
thank you sofar.
wulffraAuthor Commented:
Yesterday I connected to Internet at 19:00 - no downloads, nothing, left pc on and went away.
Got back at 22:30 - connection was still on.
Went to bed, got up at 04:30, connection was still up and going.

Then started a download session and the download dropped after an hour.

I tried:
MediaType:  10Mbps Half Duplex<-auto-sense default
Number of Receive Buffers: 512 default: 256
Number of Transmit Buffers: 512 default: 256

the line remained open until around 14:00 all the time downloading, then the line dropped again... :-(

I have now changed the MTU size to 1492.

I am not sure though, because I have not experienced any drop, as long as I am busy with my pc, sofar the weird
thing is that the connection drops only when I am not behind my pc and only when downloading major files.
Have the latest driver version...

Really at a loss...

wulffraAuthor Commented:
Reducing the MTU-size did the trick. I am using PPTP though, but changing the MTU-size helped me. thank you!!!

It is very peculiar though: in the past I never encountered such problems...
It was not a router-issue, the line dropped as well when not using the router.
After chaning the MTU size, there wer no problems.

Wonder whether anybody else (not familiar with MTU stuff) wud go as far as to do MTU sizes
just to stay alive ... it is verrrry detailed and most people never heard of MTU ...

anyway, problem is solved.

Thank you sooo much!

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