Prohibit duplicate key on archiving


I have a DB which is live and an archive DB. I have created an agent called 'Archive' which runs through selected documents in view, copies them to the archive database and then removes them from the live db.

No probs so far.

But, each doc in the live DB has a unique reference number (say an invoice number). The live DB will not allow any 2 documents to have the same invoice number.
HOWEVER, when documents are archived, they no longer exist in the live DB and it will allow users to 'duplicate' reference numbers despite them existing in the archive DB

Question is this... how do I get the document save validation to check not only the documents in the current database for unique ref nums, but also to include the ref nums in the archive DB?


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All you would need to so is open the archive DB, and make sure you have a similar view as in the main DB, and do a search for the ref num.

I hope this helps !
where is the Aechive Db residing?

Create a view with the first column sorted and have the Invoice Number.-> in Archive db.
Now in the original db,create a Config form, where u can stoer the db path of Archive db and then use this path in LS to check the view created in the Archive db.

This is how u can do. Else when u archive doc's, store the Invoice numbers in a Text field for reference and then u can check the numbers with this Text field, so that u can avoid duplicates.

U can take ur choice from the above. I prefer to have the second option as it will be in the same db and will save performance issues.
If u feel difficulty appending Invoice numebrs to the text field, u can create new documents while archiving and compare the newly created documents with these for duplicate checkings.
This is very simple logic..
Hope this is clear...

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